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Chapter 282 The Mu Qing couple’s dog food

This dog food……

Netizens expressed that they had eaten it up.

Even though the name was ‘Gu Qing Yu’s Husband’, they also noticed that there were no more than ten posts of Mu Xuan Qing, and every one of them was a repost of whatever it was that Gu Qing Yu posted, and that the earliest one, was a few years ago.

That post added to the feeling of being stuffed with a mouth full of dog food.

Gu Qing Yu’s Husband: Madam, when can I have a name?

This was added to the repost of the one Gu Qing Yu made when she announced that she had a boyfriend.

“These two are too sweet, right? A few years have passed and their relationship is actually still so good…”

“A perfect match, these two are the perfect match that has always been spoken about in the legends!”

“I suddenly remembered. When the Duan family announced that they had broken off their engagement with Gu Qing Yu, everyone mocked and sympathized with her, thinking that it was the Duan family who looked down on her, but now it seems, I think we might have guessed wrong. Maybe it was Gu Qing Yu who abandoned Duan Xing Yuan, who then felt humiliated and rushed to find a young miss to marry.”

“En, after all, Gu Qing Yu is Shen Jianian’s niece, and he has a lot of money. The Duan family is definitely not good enough for her; instead, it is the Mu family that is a good match! And, judging from the charities they have founded, they are both rich and kind people, they are a perfect match!”

“Then, could it be that Gu Qing Yu cheated with her current husband, which is why Duan Xing Yuan called off their engagement? Thinking about it, I feel sorry for Duan Xing Yuan. Maybe he didn’t even want to call off the engagement it the first place?”

“No, didn’t you guys see Mu Xuan Qing’s second post? The second post says, ‘our seventh day together’. Based on the timeline, Gu Qing Yu made this post when they were probably just got together. And Duan Xing Yuan got married well before that, so, they only officially got together after Duan Xing Yuan got married.”

Although some were suspicious, Mu Xuan Qing’s account was clearly a private account that was used to record some personal stuff about himself. Furthermore, this account was a few years old, so the possibility of faking things with this account that had almost no followers a few years ago was too low. Basically, there was nothing to be suspicious of.

“Did you all see the fourth post? ‘You’re my medicine, without you, I will die. So, come back okay? Otherwise, I’ll go to you’…… My goodness, Sir Mu is too enamored, right? I reasonably suspect that Gu Qing Yu and Sir Mu broke up during that time and Sir Mu was begging Gu Qing Yu to come back. Tsk tsk, as it is said, after a couple quarrels, they will quickly reconcile. Look at the mushy appearance they have now~”

Mu Xuan Qing’s account had only seven or eight posts, yet each one of them had been picked up by the FBI-like netizens and studied with the seriousness of one doing a thesis. Even the title symbols weren’t spared and they had also made up a bunch of ups and downs of their relationship. The appearances of these two were really high value, and their family backgrounds were really too good. It was almost as if they had stepped out of a comic, so in less than an hour, a CP station of the two emerged.

The CP station instantly gained over 10,000 fans, with all fans dedicated to finding out the timeline of their relationship from their limited posts and picking out the sugar.

The hot search term ‘Mu Qing couple’ also instantly made it to the top 3 hot searches.

And of the top 50 hot searches on Weibo at the moment, there were already more than one related to Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu, but netizens didn’t expect that there would be more!

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