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Chapter 46 No one will dare look down on you

The eldest grandson he had watched grow up had really made him proud. Even Sir, just by taking a look at him, gave him a meeting gift. It had to be known that this gift was more than just a ring, it meant that Duan Xing Yuan had officially entered Sir’s eyes!

The other families became even more envious and jealous, looking at their juniors with the expression that said that they hated, hated iron for not becoming steel. In an instant, Duan Xing Yuan once again became the child of another family that had to be learned from.

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t say anything more. After he finished giving away the ring, his purpose for coming out today was fulfilled.

When Mu Xuan Qing left, the joy on Elder Duan’s face couldn’t be concealed and although the other families were jealous, they became even more enthusiastic towards him and Duan Xing Yuan.

Although Duan Xing Yuan had been outstanding in the past, he wasn’t so outstanding to the extent that he could make people from other families come to curry favor with him, but today Sir had just taken one look at him and given him a ring, hence the others’ attitude towards him changed instantly. The more Duan Xing Yuan looked at the ring, the more he liked it, his blood boiling a little.

Enjoying the compliments of the crowd, he returned to the Duan house, and Elder Duan took him to his study.

“With Sir’s favor, the Duan Family can only be yours!” Elder Duan was still unable to conceal the gratitude in his eyes.

“Grandpa, who exactly….. is that Sir and why have I never heard of him before?”

It was reasonable to say that a person with such a high status should be quite famous, even if he was keeping a low profile and outsiders didn’t know about him, it was impossible for their circle not to know about him.

Duan Xing Yuan was really puzzled.

“Sir…..” Elder Duan mused for a moment then said, “You just need to know that Sir is the most powerful existence, there is nothing in this world that he can’t do, and there is no one who can hurt him. His existence is known only to those above and to a few of us from the great families….. People like your father, never had the chance to meet him.”

After all, his father was too mediocre, but it was a good thing that he gave birth to a good son. Duan Xing Yuan was too good, so good that even Sir thought highly of him.

Elder Duan smiled: ”This ring, wear it well, it must never leave your body, it will protect you in critical moments. With this ring, in the future, no one in the imperial city will dare look down on you.”

Although the old man spoke in a mysterious manner, Duan Xing Yuan understood what he was saying. Anyway, he had now entered that Sir’s eyes and in the future, there would always be a chance to know about that Sir’s affairs slowly.

Duan Xing Yuan nodded, “Understood, Grandfather.”

It was late at night, but the events of today had made Elder Duan very excited; there was no trace of sleepiness on his face at all.

“It’s late, you should go and rest.” Elder Duan said.

Duan Xing Yuan nodded and turned to leave, but then he remembered the reason for his return this time, and seeing the old man’s smile from the corner of his eye, he thought for a moment, why not mention it while the old man was in a good mood?

He was now being taken seriously by that Sir, so there was no need for him to marry a young lady from a big family. The old man would probably agree to let him marry Gu Qing Yu, right?

Thinking this way, he stopped in his tracks.

When Elder Duan saw that he had turned around again, he raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

Duan Xing Yuan was silent for a few seconds then said, “Grandpa, I want to marry Qing Yu.”

Elder Duan was silent for a moment, the joy on his face fading away slowly.

Duan Xing Yuan’s heart sank. His only thought was that there shouldn’t be any problem on the old man’s side, but on his mother’s side….

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