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Chapter 196 The world of the two

Gu Qing Yu smiled gently, “Master, it’s okay. Xuan Qing has come to pick me out to eat, so I wouldn’t have been able to stay anyway.”

That said, to Bai Xiuqi, his disciple was like his own child, but when his own child had come to his house, she couldn’t even get a meal, and he hadn’t even allowed her have lunch today because he had been so excited all day…

Now her portion of dinner hadn’t even been prepared…

Bai Xiuqi’s face sunk, “Xuan Qing is coming over, isn’t he? Then that’s good, you’ll have to treat me, this old man, to dinner as well. I can see that this house doesn’t have any room for me!”

Madam Bai’s face changed.

Bai Xiuqi’s temper as an artist was quite stubborn, and what he had decided couldn’t be changed by anyone, not even by her, his wife. After all, although he had known her for a long time, he hadn’t even wanted to get married at the time for the sake of painting, and if her father hadn’t been his master, Bai Xiuqi might have really ended up living alone for the rest of his life rather than taking responsibility by marrying her over ten years ago because she had become pregnant.

He would always remain angry for a long time anytime he got angry and if they didn’t have a son between them to help smooth things over, the couple would probably be on ice with each other…

It didn’t used to bother her, but now that she was seeing him disgrace her in front of this obnoxious Gu Qing Yu, Madam Bai couldn’t take it any more!

Her eyes turned red, but she couldn’t say in front of Gu Qing Yu that he shouldn’t come back if he left, neither could she lower her head.

But Gu Qing Yu smiled and said, “Master…. Madam has already prepared the meal, so it would be a waste if you don’t eat it. And….”

She blinked, “Are you sure you want to disturb the world of Eldest Brother and I?”

The world of Eldest Brother and I…

Bai Xiuqi was stunned.

Then a look of joy appeared on his face… these two were really together? Very good, it had only been a few months, but his oldest apprentice had been very efficient this time. He had finally opened his eyes!

He had completely forgotten that he had been angry a moment ago, causing Madam Bai to freeze for a moment. This was the first time she was seeing someone who could make Bai Xiuqi’s anger disappear so easily. She looked at Gu Qing Yu in a daze, her mood suddenly a little complicated.

What she couldn’t do, this little girl had done so easily, that it made her feel as if she had been slapped in the face…

She was somewhat jealous, yet she knew that what the girl had just said was for her own good, and was smoothing things up between them just as their son often did.

So for a moment she couldn’t tell whether she should continue being angry with Gu Qing Yu or whether she should be grateful to her.

Bai Xiuqi didn’t notice what his wife was thinking, the good news making him lighter on his feet, “Since it’s the world of you two, Master naturally can’t interfere… Master will see you out. Xuan Qing is here, right? Don’t let him wait anxiously…. Girl, let me tell you, if that brat Xuan Qing bullies you, tell Master, I will teach him a lesson for you!”

The sound of the two of them talking was far away, and Madam Bai bit her lower lip, feeling as if she was an outsider.

When…. could she and Bai Xiuqi get along in such a relaxed manner?

Yes, she painted as well, but she wasn’t as talented as the others, so she didn’t get along with Bai Xiuqi a lot of the time, moreover she didn’t love painting that much, so she was probably just like Mu Ai, which was why she liked her so much…

But she actually wanted to be as talented as Gu Qing Yu so she could talk to him so happily…

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Isn’t there a saying about the forcefully plucked melon not tasting sweet? Seems like that is the pickle that Madam Bai has got herself into. And she still hasn’t been enlightened.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. This madam bai should be around 30-40 something, right? So narrow-minded. If she knew that she doesn’t have a good relationship with Mr. Bai how could she expect him to take care of some random lady as his apprentice? And while he attracts another talented lady.. She just turn to be a narrow-minded old woman who basked in jealousy

  3. This Madam Bai isn’t very bright. She’s so easily swayed and manipulated by that Mu mother-daughter pair 🙄🙄 She can’t even see that the mother-daughter pair was using her to take revenge.

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