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Chapter 12 Help me investigate a woman

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t stop her as he paid the medical bills then stared in the direction in which she left, his eyes gloomy…

Gu Qing Yu didn’t have any money on her so she followed the route in the original owner’s memory and spent a full two hours walking back home.

She didn’t notice that, from afar, the man had been following her all the way without making a sound.

Moreover, as the zero hour passed, the man’s face became more and more normal and his walking speed became faster and faster, becoming as silent and as fast as a leopard…

After following her to the door of the Gu family’s mansion and seeing her going over the wall and entering the house, he narrowed his eyes, his eyes became cold and dark as he said faintly, “Come pick me up.”

Twenty minutes later, several cars rushed over quickly, and one of the men in a suit stood in front of him, “Sir.”

“What about the people over there?”

“They’ve all been taken care of.” Chen Ran replied.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Xuan Qing stood up, a breathless coercion all over his body. Several of the bodyguards around Chen Ran lowered their heads as they held their breath, a suffocating feeling of breathlessness overtaking them. It was only Chen Ran who could barely hold his head up.


Chen Ran opened the door of the car, but saw Mu Xuan Qing stop and look at the Gu family’s mansion thoughtfully…

She didn’t come out; maybe this was really where she lived?

“Sir?” There was a a hint of doubt in Chen Ran’s voice.

“Keep an eye on this place and also, help me investigate a woman.” Mu Xuan Qing said.

A woman?!

Chen Ran’s eyes widened.

Sir had never been interested in any woman. There had only always been a few brothers who Sir adopted from an orphanage when he was a child. Even the old man suspected Sir’s sexuality, but this time he actually asked him to investigate a woman?!

Chen Ran was surprised, but the expression on Mu Xuan Qing’s face didn’t change. He lowered his eyes as Gu Qing Yu’s face flashed in his mind…

Who, exactly, was she in the end?

Appearing at his side and saving him, was it really a coincidence, or a long-planned event?

Mu Xuan Qing and his party left, leaving two people to keep an eye on the Gu family.

It was already two o’clock in the middle of the night and the Gu mansion was already completely dark. The door was locked, and no one left the door open for Gu Qing Yu, neither did they leave any of the lights on.

With a sneer, Gu Qing Yu went over the wall and entered the yard. When she landed, her knees protested once again from the pain. Her lips turned white, but the look in her eyes didn’t change.

Then, she met the glowing eyes of the Gu family’s wolf dog who was bigger and stronger than her…

“Ah Mao, come here.”

Her eyes softened. She liked small animals, because all animals on their planet, except for them were extinct. From the memory of this body, she learned that Ah Mao was a birthday gift from her mother when she was still alive. It was now twelve years. In other words, the big wolf dog in front of her was twelve years old. According to the life span of wolf dogs, it was already an old man.

The big wolf dog that looked like it would jump on and bite her suddenly became incredibly docile as it pounced on her, licking her.

For the first time, Gu Qing Yu laughed out loud from the bottom of her heart.

The laughter caught the attention of someone in the house who hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

“Sis, you’re finally back… I couldn’t get through to your phone, and brother Xing Yuan wouldn’t answer my call. Do you know how worried I was?”

The one who was speaking was this body’s half-sister, Gu Qing Chen.

Gu Qing Chen was one year younger than her. Nineteen this year and was in her first year of university.

She knew, from her age, that her relationship with ‘Gu Qing Yu’ was definitely not good!

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