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Chapter 117 Don’t make trouble


Her voice was soft, like a clear spring flowing over his heart.

Giving him a cool and tickling sensation.

The same as her breath that was close at hand…

The knot in Mu Xuan Qing’s throat rolled uncontrollably. He now understood why she always looked like she wanted to eat him every time she saw him, because at this moment, his blood seemed to be boiling, as if she had aroused the long-lost beastly nature in him.

Luckily, he still had his wits about him because taking one look at the people walking out of the gate of the University, he grabbed her hand, “Don’t make trouble, get in the car first and we’ll… talk somewhere else.”

“Mhmm.” She raised an eyebrow, “Let’s find somewhere a bit more private.”


Mu Xuan Qing coughed lightly to hide the embarrassing fact that he had almost choked just now.

It could be seen from the eyes of Chen Ran who was sitting in the driver’s seat just how excited he was. Miss Gu was indeed Miss Gu. This was the first time he had seen someone dare to pull Sir’s tie and this image of simply pulling Sir down, causing him to ‘wall’ her, tsk, Miss Gu was so active, he liked it!

Ah no, he didn’t like it! He liked it for Sir… No, not right, he was happy for Sir!

As Chen Ran thought this in his heart, he tried hard to maintain his composure as he looked at Mu Xuan Qing: “Sir?”

Mu Xuan Qing nodded his head, “Let’s go home.”


Go home? Wasn’t his home in the imperial capital?

Gu Qing Yu was a bit confused, but Chen Ran was excited.

Sir had really been enlightened, he now even knew to take his girl home.

Chen Ran was very pleased, but what Mu Xuan Qing actually wanted was simple. Since she wasn’t satisfied with the gift he had given her, he would take her to see the other gifts he had prepared.

Perhaps she would like the ones Chen Ran had prepared for her better.

The car drove away from the Academy of Fine Arts, but from a distance, when Shao Zihan saw this scene, his eyes turned cold.

So soon…

There was another man beside her…

Moreover, it was another rich man…

What a…

It was the same as what Gu Qing Chen had said to him before she left…

She’d said ‘So what if he was infatuated with Gu Qing Yu? With his worth, he’d never make it onto Gu Qing Yu’s radar. She might see him as a useful tool, a friend, but she’d never see him as a man, let alone include him in her options…

From the very beginning, he had been excluded.

And all this was just because he was from an ordinary background, and not as rich as Duan Xing Yuan or this man today was?

Shao Zihan’s clenched fist trembled.

Gu Qing Chen was right. Gu Qing Yu looked down on him and thought he wasn’t worthy of her that was why she was so distant from him. He thought she was hurt because of Duan Xing Yuan so he’d thought to take his time and warm her heart little by little, but now it seemed…

She didn’t even let her last failed relationship get her down, on the contrary she walked out of that shadow quickly and even took it upon herself to seduce another man, a man who had a Rolls Royce!

She was just a gold digger like every other woman in this world! She was obviously not short of money anymore and was so pure and clean on the surface, so why was she still like the other women in this world!

Shao Zihan looked coldly at the picture on his phone. He had just captured a picture of her getting into that Rolls Royce…

It was a pity that Gu Qing Yu wasn’t a poor person, otherwise this picture would have been enough to make her jump into the Yellow River.

Since she could afford to ride in such a car, even if she entered such a luxury car, people would take it for granted and even think that it might be her family’s car and wouldn’t think twice about it.

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Aha! Here’s the tool that GQC left to do her dirty work. What a moron, as if his interest in her means that she’s obligated to like him 🙄 try not to be delusional…are you actually more outstanding in any way than her other suitors?

  2. very “nice guys finish last” of you. 🙄

    women are not obligated to like you just because you are nice to them. being nice is just what a person should aspire to be. not a unspoken marriage contract.

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