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Chapter 283 Congratulations to President Mu on finally getting a name!

Gu Qing Yu gave Mu Xuan Qing a status, which meant that everyone now knew that ‘Gu Qing Yu’s Husband’ was Mu Xuan Qing.

Now the bigwigs couldn’t sit still and rushing to Mu Xuan Qing’s account, flooded it with comments.

A certain business tycoon: “Congratulations to President Mu for finally getting a status! Madam is really capable of taming her husband~”

A certain top designer: “The clothes Sir is wearing were designed by Madam herself. I just made them for him!”

The top designer appeared so honored that even her acquaintances were a bit floored. This bigwig was famous for making only her designs and with her status in the fashion world, she didn’t even need to make the clothes herself. Moreover whenever she designed, she sometimes just drew the design and made her assistants do it, but now she had actually made clothes according to Gu Qing Yu’s designs by hand for Gu Qing Yu’s husband and was even flattered….

The netizens were a little dumbfounded.

A certain tech tycoon: “Congratulations Sir for having a status. Sir is having a joyous occasion, so we the juniors will hold a drone event to celebrate Sir!”

A live link was put directly below the comment and when one clicked on it, it was really an activity of the drone company under the big boss. 9,999 drones flew into the night sky, spelling out the words Mu Qing with a big heart painted in the middle, looking colorful and very nice in the night sky.

The onlookers were amazed. Except for the Spring Festival and the Olympics, the country’s largest drone company had never participated in a large event, but now it had done so because of a post from Gu Qing Yu’s husband?

“You guys are so naive, I reasonably suspect that this big boss is trying to rub off the fame!”

“Does his company still need to rub off of somebody’s fame? Hilarious!”

Controversies like this arose, but no one even cared about their arguments, because there were so many bigwigs popping up under Mu Xuan Qing’s account.

Bai Xiuqi V: “Congratulations to my two disciples, you have finally made it public!”

It was rare for Bai Xiuqi to make a post once a year, so they didn’t expect the hot searches of Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu to bring him out, and then he dropped a bomb on the netizens in the process.

“Two…. disciples?! A shock from the art world…. so, Gu Qing Yu and her husband are both closed disciples of Master Bai?!”

“Bai Xiuqi has only three closed disciples in total, right? And Gu Qing Yu and her husband are two of them?! Her husband has this face, this level, this background….. why have we never heard of him before?”

“I’ve always known that Gu Qing Yu studied art, and I think I’ve heard that she’s won many awards over the years, but I didn’t expect that she would be this awesome, and she’s also a closed disciple of Master Bai!!”

“Heh heh, I’m suddenly feeling a bit smug. I bought one of Gu Qing Yu’s paintings for 50,000 yuan a little over three years ago. I bought it back then because it was really done well and gave me a sense of freedom and release, and knowing now that she’s Master Bai’s closed disciple, I just checked the paintings she has sold over the years and there are no more than thirty of them on record. I think I’ve made a fortune!”

“Upstairs, I’ll buy it from you for 100,000!”

“Just 100,000 to buy a painting by Master Bai’s own disciple? I’ll give you half a million! Sell it to me!”

“I’ll give you a million…..”

Surprisingly, some people started bidding directly, but they wanted to get Gu Qing Yu’s paintings, not purely because they liked them, but because they either thought Gu Qing Yu’s status was special now and so her paintings might have collector’s value, or they wanted to use Gu Qing Yu’s paintings as a way to curry favor with her and Mu Xuan Qing.

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