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Chapter 119 A little wild cat ready to latch onto him

The words that she said were so ambiguous that they could easily aroused one’s beastly nature, but when Mu Xuan Qing looked into her clean and clear eyes, he suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and the agitation that had somehow been aroused in his heart subsided slowly and he understood.

He understood at this moment that she was like a wild cat that he had once fed on the road and knowing that he had something good to eat, had followed him and was ready to latch onto him.

She didn’t even think that there was anything ambiguous about her words… and perhaps to her, she was simply his, just as what the words meant in the literal sense.

He sighed, unsure of why he was disappointed as he looked at her calmly.

“Feed you? What do you want to eat?”

“Can I have… anything that I want?” Gu Qing Yu’s eyes lit up.

“Mhmm.” Mu Xuan Qing looked at her, unable to take his eyes off of her for a moment.

An extremely sweet smile lighting up her face, she lunged at him as she said, “Sir, I’ve thought about it and it’s immoral to eat you directly… oh it might be illegal, but you should give me some of your blood!”

Again Mu Xuan Qing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She had actually unexpectedly already prepared the instruments for drawing blood.

His blood was special, except at the very beginning when he had just come back when he had wanted someone to help him, especially at his most special time of the month….

But then, after he knew the complicated situation he had gotten himself into, he didn’t allow anyone else to touch him.

Because, the only one who could save him was himself.

And his blood being taken for research purposes was something that he wouldn’t and didn’t accept.

Being used as an experiment once was already enough.

He didn’t like the feeling of having his blood drawn and he wouldn’t give it to just anyone.

However at this moment, facing this enigmatic woman he didn’t reject her at all. He took the syringe from her hand, stabbed it into his veins with precise skill and even drew out a full tube with one hand and handed it to her.

“Can this count as my meeting gift?”

“….. Huh? Hmm…”

Gu Qing Yu stared at the scene in front of her blankly. She had already prepared herself mentally to be rejected because she only brought the instruments over just to tease him, but of course….. she really wanted his blood.

Not to drink it but to experiment with it.

She wanted to find out why his blood, including his whole body attracted her so much and why his blood contained so much energy.

But she hadn’t expected him to not only agree, but to draw his own blood for her so neatly, seemingly without any fear of her doing anything bad with his blood, moreover he….

How could he be so skilled?

She stared at the side where he had just drawn blood. There were actually many pinpricks in this area and although some of them were quite old, probably because a needle had been used there too many times, the needle marks were still visible.

For the first time, the smile on Gu Qing Yu’s face disappeared.

She stared at him, silent for a moment before she asked, “Sir… does it hurt?”

Mu Xuan Qing froze for a moment.

Then, he only saw her grab his arm with her two small hands, lean down and lick the small wound that had come about as a result of the blood he had just drawn and which was barely visible….

His body shook due to the shock then he heard her voice, “Sir, I don’t want it.”

She didn’t want it? She didn’t his blood?

Wasn’t it because of his blood that she was staying by his side?

But now, she really didn’t want it?

He stared at the top of her head. There was still a little drop of blood on his wound but she was really licking at it like a small animal would, as if she wanted it to heal quickly…

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