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Chapter 301 Gu Qing Yu is an alien?

It was the weekend when everyone was the most idle when a video suddenly popped up online, and it was unexpectedly about Gu Qing Yu ……

To be precise, it was a video of the original owner jumping down from a building. The video had obviously been taken from the surveillance camera of another building nearby. Moreover, after zooming in, it was so clear that it was as if they had been shooting a movie.

“This is Gu Qing Yu, right? She looks so pale, doesn’t she? What’s going on, why did she jump? Was she filming a movie?! Tell me it’s the filming of a scene. Isn’t she doing well with Mu Xuan Qing?”

“Look closely, this is a video from a few years ago, but Gu Qing Yu looks much better now and looks to be in better shape…..”

“A video from a few years ago…… ah, the dress on her!! I remember, isn’t that the dress she was wearing when the scandal broke out, when we first found out about her?!”

“What happened, she jumped off a building back then?!”

“That’s not the point, is it?! The point is, she jumped from a building several dozen stories high but she actually got up on her own, only hurting her leg …… Don’t you guys think it’s scary?! Is Gu Qing Yu human!!”


The video quickly made it to the top of the news feeds, and it didn’t take long for some people to notice that something was wrong with Gu Qing Yu, after all, she was simply too strange in this video.

When Mu Xuan Qing and the others found out about the video, it had already spread all over the net, and under the deliberate guidance of someone with an agenda, netizens began to doubt Gu Qing Yu’s identity.

“I think Gu Qing Yu is an alien!”

“No, I think she has psychic powers! It’s too amazing, the kind where one can’t die even if they want to….”

“Am I the only one who thinks she just tried to k*ll herself? It’s just a bit strange, why is she okay?”

“No, I think the timing is suspect. This video must be a hype, Gu Qing Yu is probably about to make her debut, which means her previous relationship was probably also a hype. Isn’t the media trying to get the couple’s attention now?”


Mu Xuan Qing’s face was very ugly.

Although many netizens didn’t believe in the ‘alien’ theory and thought more than anything else that it was just a hype, he knew very well that the video was very bizarre, which meant that after the people at the top watched it, they would definitely suspect Gu Qing Yu, and then Gu Qing Yu would be in a lot of trouble. There might even be people radical enough to arrest her for research!

The expression on his face sank, “Deal with it, direct the video towards it being a hype and….”

He narrowed his eyes, “Those videos, put them out there too.”

Since they had gotten to the hot search which had generated so much attention, why not let the netizens see for themselves and then determine the answer they wanted to believe.

Anyways the alien speculation was definitely not going to hold.


Chen Ran nodded.

Mu Xuan Qing thought for a moment, “Put out the video of Chishang Qing at the party today as well!”


Gu Qing Yu understood what Mu Xuan Qing was trying to do, “You want to cause more chaos online so that they don’t pay attention to the video anymore?”


Mu Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes and sure enough, after the exposure of several celebrities’ scandals and blackmails in quick succession, in a flash, the attention of netizens was diverted.

Despite this, because Gu Qing Yu naturally had something about her that caused traffic, there were still many people who paid attention to this video of hers, but with Chen Ran finding someone to deliberately guide them, many netizens already believed that this was Gu Qing Yu’s hype.

“So, Gu Qing Yu is about to make her debut?”

“I told you, how can a person jump from such a height and still be fine? It’s definitely a hype, Gu Qing Yu is probably making a movie!”

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