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Chapter 82 Mu Ai

The woman stared unblinkingly at the painting in front of her, her fists tightening as she said.


The staff member was a little hesitant, “Miss Mu, the exhibition hall….. has surveillance cameras.”

Mu Ai’s face sank, “What do you mean by that? You think I’d ruin her painting? Why do I need to go through all this trouble just to do that kind of thing? This trash won’t even be a match for me! What’s more, Mr. Bai is my teacher, and he has instructed me on my paintings, do I still need to be afraid of losing to a student from a second-rate art school like this?”

The staff member broke out in a cold sweat, “Yes, yes….. I’m sorry, Miss Mu, I was being paranoid. Then Miss Mu please stroll around on your own and call me if you need something.”

The staff member left.

Under the dim light, Mu Ai stared at Gu Qing Yu’s painting, biting through her lip….

This was the painting of Duan Xing Yuan’s ex-fiancée?

Although she didn’t want to, she had to admit…..

Gu Qing Yu’s painting, was very good.

It didn’t lose out to hers.

Even more, there was a sense of naturalness to it. Even though Mr. Bai Xiuqi had instructed her on her painting, it still had an artisanal quality to it, hence no matter how good it was, in an international competition like this, where the judges focused on the strength of the feeling conveyed by the painting rather than the technique, she would never have an advantage…..

However this time, she had to win the prize!

Whether it was because Gu Qing Yu was Duan Xing Yuan’s ex-fiancée, the girl he had pursued seriously for years, or because of Teacher Bai…..

Mu Ai clenched her fist, her gaze fixed on Gu Qing Yu’s painting with a deadly gaze.

She came to S City this time for the Angel Cup International Painting Competition. She was from the Mu family, a family that many big families in the empire would give deference to, and even Master Bai Xiuqi, who had stopped teaching students in recent years, couldn’t refuse her and gave her some pointers from time to time.

A painting, done under the direction of Teacher Bai was naturally not bad.

Hence, her painting quickly made it through to the final round.

And she was in S City because of the finals.

She took this finals very seriously, because Master Bai Xiuqi said that if she won the first prize in the competition, he would accept her as his closed disciple.

Becoming Master Bai Xiuqi’s closed disciple….. this was an honour that many painting students dreamed of!

And she… had to have that title no matter what.

Mu Ai had had a variety of tutors since she was a child, and her mother had even invited many internationally renowned painters to teach her, including Master Bai Xiuqi. She had also won many awards in many domestic competitions, so she was very confident in her painting skills and was confident that she would win this competition and take first place!

Because only then would Bai Xiuqi accept her officially as his closed disciple.

But now, there was one more reason….

Gu Qing Yu…..

Mu Ai lowered her eyes…..

Because of the instructions of that ‘Sir’ who had made the Mu family one of the largest families, the Mu family had kept a very low profile over the years, and many people didn’t even know that there was a Mu family in the imperial capital, and only a few of the large families knew of their unusual status.

The Mu family’s motto was to keep a low profile, to do more practical work and to avoid unnecessary social activities.

And so, having lived in the capital for twenty years, Mu Ai rarely attended high society events and had only heard of Duan Xing Yuan. She only knew that he was young and talented, but having never met him before, that was about it.

Until last month, when ‘Sir’ suddenly gave Duan Xing Yuan a ring that represented his token….

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Ah, she would be your lady boss. The final boss. The Almighty matriarch of Mu family so you better do not go against her

  2. They already broke up, why is she so obsessed with going after her? It won’t bring her any closer to the guy…

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