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Chapter 131 What beautiful hands

Not to mention Duan Xing Yuan, weren’t the ordinary men in their circle also like this?

Mu Ai sipped her wine elegantly and imagining Gu Qing Yu’s miserable state after the deed was done, she smiled, but the next moment, the smile on her face froze.

“Gu… Gu Qing Yu…! What are you doing here?!”

Mu Ai looked at Gu Qing Yu who was standing in front of her in shock. This was definitely not an illusion, this woman was really standing in front of her, but how did she get in?

Gu Qing Yu smiled slightly, “Sure enough, you really do know me.”

Mu Ai’s eyes went to Gu Qing Yu’s hands. Her hands were still white and flexible, they didn’t look injured at all…

Was it that the people she had sent hadn’t moved yet, or had they already moved but failed?

Mu Ai took a deep breath, stood up and pointed to the door, “This is my room. Get out now or I’ll call the police and have you arrested!”

Gu Qing Yu exclaimed as she looked at her hands, “What beautiful hands.”

Gu Qing Yu was telling the truth. Mu Ai was a young lady of the Mu family and she had been brought up pampered. She had never even washed a dish, and her mother was the young lady of a large family, so she had been given all kinds of expensive cosmetics since she was a child. Mu Ai didn’t even need to carry her own school bag, after all, her hands were for painting.

Her hands were white and slender, beautiful and delicate, with clear nail polish, looking well kept.

Mu Ai frowned, “What do you… what do you mean by that?”

She had a bad feeling in her heart. Gu Qing Yu had just mentioned her hand, could it be that….

She knew that she had sent people to destroy her hands?

But, if she knew, then that meant that the people she had sent had already acted, so they had failed?

Really a bunch of good for nothings! Even if they had failed, how could they have let her escape?!

Mu Ai looked around and found that the door was locked. She had originally been alone in the presidential suite, so now, there was no one else.

She didn’t think she would lose out to Gu Qing Yu if they started fighting, after all, Gu Qing Yu was just like her. She had been raised with care from childhood, and they both studied painting. Gu Qing Yu was even thinner than her. Da** it, she was so thin, and so fit….

“I really admire you. Even at a time like this you’re still thinking about all sorts of things.”

Gu Qing Yu sighed as she looked at the resentment and jealousy that flashed across Mu Ai’s face and cracked her fingers, sounds coming from her knuckles due to the action. After all, if she wanted to move, she naturally had to stretch a bit…

Mu Ai bit her lower lip, “What do you want to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious what I want to do?”

Gu Qing Yu smiled, “What you wanted to do, I naturally also want to do….”

She was one who always did what others did to her. That was her personality.

The rule of law on this planet was much more strict and not as clear-cut as the one on their planet. Over there she had always gone by the motto ‘If you don’t offend me, I won’t offend you, if you offend me, I will offend you…’

Although it wasn’t possible to pay her back tenfold, she could at least do something to her if she wanted to. She couldn’t just let her go scot free, could she? Otherwise it would make others think she was easy to bully, and they’d try over and over again to create trouble for her…

When Mu Ai saw the look on her face, she felt that her languid expression was tinged with murderous intent. Goose bumps instantly dotting her skin, she swallowed as her trembling hands tried to grab the cell phone on the table. She wanted to call someone to come and take this madwoman away. Better yet, they should take her to the asylum straight away. This woman was mentally ill!!

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