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Chapter 221 They didn’t believe they were better than them!

Feeling his gaze, Mu Xuan Qing gave him a warning glance, and Chen Ran immediately lowered his head, swallowing ……

He didn’t dare look at Sir’s woman.

Seeing that he was very sensible, Mu Xuan Qing nodded in satisfaction then went into the Gu Mansion with Gu Qing Yu, whose face was red. It was still afternoon, yet he still had time for her.

Or rather, it was that he still had time for her to keep him company.

Actually, it was clear to Mu Xuan Qing that although she needed his blood and liked him, she didn’t need him as much as he needed her ……

Because, he liked her more than she thought he did.

Although her body had recovered, Mu Xuan Qing still remembered how hard it had been for her, so although she had gone inside, he continued to do things for her that he would never have done before on his own, and he enjoyed it.

Gu Qing Yu only found it very amusing as she watched him work for her.

But the fun time seemed to go by very quickly, as it soon turned dark. After dinner, Mu Xuan Qing coaxed her to sleep, then left S city reluctantly.

He didn’t notice an eerie line of sight watching him, then, appear in front of Gu Qing Yu’s house…..

The National Day holiday passed quickly, and in just one week’s time, [The Summit] had grossed 1.6 billion yuan at the box office, riding high in the National Day slot and even crushing the Hollywood blockbuster [Star Wars], which had waited until the National Day to be released.

The Hollywood Company didn’t expect this to happen, after all, this was their fourth movie; the first three had been very well received and had built up a huge fan base, so even if the movie was rubbish, with the bonus of the National Day’s slot, there would still be a huge audience who would buy the tickets, but their movie lost out to [The Summit], a completely local C country production.

Although their box office wasn’t all that low, it was only a little more than half of [The Summit]’s. This shocked and upset many Hollywood companies, who looked into the movie and were surprised to find that [The Summit]’s special effects were even better than theirs, whereas their movies were mainly based on big, shocking scenes which they relied on for success and the plot lines that they used were really just a line. As long as it was fun, then that was all that they needed.

But [The Summit] had a compelling story line and the special effects were as good as any Hollywood blockbuster’s, so it wasn’t any wonder that it was doing so well at the box office.

Equally unhappy was another Hollywood company, Ent Special Effects, Inc. This was the same company that had previously negotiated with LILA to do the special effects and had thought that everything was a done deal. Since LILA wanted the best special effects for their movie, they naturally had to pay a price. Who cared if that price was high? They were the ones who had the technology, so no matter what, LILA would have to compromise in the end.

But they never expected that just when it looked like LILA was about to sign the contract, they would drop them and go with a local Special Effects company, their reasoning being that they offered only a third of their price!

They were used to being begged by others and wouldn’t put themselves down to do special effects for LILA, let alone ask LILA to work with them. However Ent Special Effects, Inc. was dissatisfied because LILA had dropped them just as they were about to reach an agreement after so much negotiation.

So during this period of time they had also been watching [The Summit]. They wanted to see how good the special effects of a local company in C country that they could only afford to spend a third of what they had asked for to work with could be!

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