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Chapter 135 Impossible!

Second Madam Mu was just muttering to herself when at that moment, Mu Xuan Yang called her in a fury: “You stupid woman! I told you not to do anything and to take Xiao Ai home with you! Are you trying to kill our family?”

Second Madam Mu was really confused. “What’s wrong?”

After facing so many closed doors, Second Madam Mu was very confused. Who was behind this Gu Qing Yu, that would make so many people reject her at the risk of offending the Mu family?

But she had forgotten that although she was the second lady of the Mu family, she didn’t represent the Mu family. It was precisely because they were afraid of offending the Mu family that they rejected her, all because the head of the Mu family, Mu Xuan Lin, had personally asked them not to accede to her request.

Mu Xuan Yang gritted his teeth and said, “Mu Ai is a fool, but do you also have no brains! Do you know whose person Gu Qing Yu is?”

Second Madam Mu’s scalp tingled a little, “Whose?”


Yes, ‘Sir’. Even though they were brothers by blood, Mu Xuan Yang and Mu Xuan Qing were somewhat distant so he called him ‘Sir’.

When she heard this name, the expression on her face changed, “Impossible!”

Over the years, with ‘Sir’s appearance, they had tried to woo him with money or women, but Sir didn’t lack money, nor did he lack anything, so they could only try to use women…

Back then, Mu Xuan Yang’s relationship with Mu Xuan Qing wasn’t as distant as it was now. It was all because Mu Xuan Yang had listened to his wife and tried to introduce her sister to Mu Xuan Qing. He had once brought his sister-in-law to Mu Xuan Qing’s place without informing him and Mu Xuan Qing had disgraced him on the spot…. Mu Xuan Qing simply ignored his sister-in-law and even ignored him.

Afterwards, Mu Xuan Lin himself called and warned him not to get into such nonsense unless he never wanted ‘Sir’s’ help again…

In the years that followed, Mu Xuan Qing didn’t see Mu Xuan Yang at all. With Mu Xuan Qing’s obvious attitude towards him, the others who noticed it didn’t treat him as well as they had before, making Mu Xuan Yang angry that Mu Xuan Qing was behaving in such a way even though they were brothers, but he couldn’t do anything about it, because he wasn’t strong enough and could only rely on his two brothers who were more successful, especially Mu Xuan Qing.

Even a single word from Mu Xuan Qing would have saved him ten years of struggle.

He had been very obedient over the years, and it was only gradually that Mu Xuan Qing’s attitude towards him thawed and his career slowly became more successful.

After this lesson, when he heard that his wife and daughter had offended Mu Xuan Qing, and that Mu Xuan Qing had personally called his elder brother to criticise the family’s poor parenting, he was furious.

Mu Xuan Yang’s greatest strength was his self-awareness. He knew that he would never be a match for Mu Xuan Qing and couldn’t even hold his own against Mu Xuan Yang, and that he could only rely on them and listen to their instructions in order to live a better life, so instead of being partial to his wife and daughter, he was the first to call and scold Second Madam Mu in a fury.

Second Madam Mu was dumbfounded by this scolding. She had been the stronger one all these years. After all, her husband would not have gotten to where he was now if he hadn’t relied on Sir’s power and her uncle . He was even worse than her mother’s family, hence she had always been the stronger one in the family.

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