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Chapter 306 System?

Mu Ai was an art student and since she couldn’t even draw anymore because of Gu Qing Yu which didn’t even have any relevance in connection to scientific research, she didn’t understand how she was supposed to get in.

However, she was very concerned about the golden finger of this ‘system’. The ‘system’ said that she would get a reward for completing the first mission; she had tried it and she really got the reward. Her skin was now so good that it could be blown out, it was simply amazingly beautiful that she herself couldn’t get enough of it, but the system had told her that there would be more rewards to come as soon as she completed the other missions.

For example, eternal youth or something like that.

This was simply too tempting for a woman to handle.

So without hesitation, Mu Ai agreed.

Only, she was just a bit confused by the content of the assignment. Why was it to work in the Mu family’s Research Institute?

She was an art student, how did the Research Institute need art students? This mission was simply too hard for her….

No. 00 cursed in his heart at this woman’s difficulty and brainlessness. If it wasn’t because she was a member of the Mu family, which itself had many conveniences and could even be used to fend off for a while in critical moments, he wouldn’t have chosen such a stupid woman. Look what a mess she wanted, a body that could never get fat, the most beautiful face in the world, eternal youth…..

Didn’t she know that eternal immortality and alien tech were worth more? Didn’t she want to wield so much power that she could rule the entire planet?

However it was a good thing she didn’t want that.

Otherwise, she would have been his enemy.

Although she was brainless now, she was much better to handle.

He had limited energy now and he didn’t know Mu Ai well enough to act that well, otherwise he would have just taken control of her, so now that he couldn’t control her, he could only pretend to be a system and make her think she had a golden finger in order to entice her to do things for him with mission rewards.

Mu Ai didn’t know that the soul that entered her body wasn’t a system at all, she only felt that she was simply a darling of the heavens. Now that she had this golden finger which was the system, did she still need to be afraid of Gu Qing Yu? In the future, she might use her golden finger to fly higher than Mu Xuan Qing and when she did, she would make them both kneel before her and apologize for what they had done! She would also have Gu Qing Yu’s hands broken, both of them, so that she could never paint again either!

Mu Ai thought then called Mu Xuan Yang, “Dad, I want to work in Sir’s Research Institute…..”

Mu Xuan Yang frowned, “Nonsense, you are the eldest lady of the Mu family, why do you need to work? Besides, what can you, an art student do in a place like the Institute? Don’t make trouble for Sir; if you offend him, our entire family will suffer….”

Mu Ai’s face turned ugly. Although she hated Gu Qing Yu all these years, she could never do anything to her and even had to respect Gu Qing Yu as an elder…..

Now did she have to check it out with them just to get a job in the Research Institute?

She was about to give up when No. 00 reminded her hurriedly, “Don’t forget the mission reward!”

Yeah, the mission reward could be eternal youth or a perfect body…..

Mu Ai gritted her teeth and said, “Dad~ You know that second son of the Xiao family has been pursuing me recently and I also want to see where things will lead us, however when he took me to see his grandfather, although his grandfather didn’t care that I was divorced, he felt that I was a jobless bum and that just staying at home all day would tarnish their Xiao family’s image…..”

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