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Chapter 44 Who the hell was he?

Even if someone was interested in her, afraid that person had ulterior motives.

For example, Shen Cheng.

After hitting a wall her at every turn, Gu Qing Chen surprisingly went back to him.

When she discovered that Shen Cheng was still interested in her, she became excited and drew closer and closer to him.

And Shen Cheng was unethical enough to keep hooking up with her. He knew what she liked and gave her everything she desired. This made Gu Qing Chen, who had been frustrated at every turn for some time, regain her old vanity, and she truly believed she had conquered him. After all, he liked her first, that was why he followed her to the Gu family, but then he fell in love with Gu Qing Yu at first sight.

And Shen Cheng’s consolation did work, as Gu Qing Chen actually developed feelings for him slowly as well. She completely forgot that she had cheated him once. Although he forgave Lin Han Jiao, he never saw her again because he was ridiculed by his friends and his own self-esteem was damaged.

Such a person was incomparably vindictive. How could he, in such a short time forget that Gu Qing Chen was the trigger that caused him to become like this?

What he was doing now was just lowering her defences and restoring her trust and goodwill in him.

When he succeeded, what he would do to her, really made one curious.

Gu Qing Yu knew that Shen Cheng had no good intentions, but she wouldn’t stop Gu Qing Chen, after all, it was her fault. If she hadn’t messed with him in the first place, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against her.

Gu Qing Yu stared at the plants in front of her. During this period, she had already discovered that all the plants on earth did contain some degree of energy, but it was very little, so little that the energy she had absorbed in ten days was probably less than a thousandth of what she had gotten from Mu Xuan Qing that day.

Hence, she became even more interested in that man.

Little did Gu Qing Yu know that the man she was interested in was at the same table as her ‘fiancé’ at this moment.


When Elder Duan saw Mu Xuan Qing who was dressed in black with the cold and awe-inspiring expression on his face, he greeted him respectfully.

Duan Xing Yuan was a little surprised. He could count the number of people who could make his grandfather so respectful, but the man in front of him didn’t look much older than him, so why was the old man treating him with such respect from the bottom of his heart?

Duan Xing Yuan was still immersed in his surprise when he was pressed down directly by his grandfather in a bow towards Mu Xuan Qing.

Faced with such an attitude from the old man who was much older than him, Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes didn’t change as he nodded blandly then went straight into the interior of the private box.

Duan Xing Yuan was a little irritated. Who the hell was this person to treat his grandfather this way?

The look in his eyes was so obvious that Elder Duan noticed it and slapped him on the head. Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes widened as he looked at him in disbelief, only to see his grandfather lower his voice with an ugly expression on his face, “Behave yourself. If you offend him, our entire Duan family will be finished!”

So serious?!

Was this man…..

So powerful?

He hadn’t heard of any family whose young master was so powerful…..

Seeing the seriousness of his old man, Duan Xing Yuan didn’t dare make any more mistakes, he followed him in obediently and sat next to the old man respectfully. There were already people from other families waiting in the box, all of whom were dignitaries from the imperial capital that Duan Xing Yuan knew, but what surprised him was that even the people from the Li family, who were so high handed, treated the man in front of them with respect and dignity.

He couldn’t help but look at Mu Xuan Qing again. This man…..

Who the hell was he?

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