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Chapter 104 The man she couldn’t have was now hers!

But in response to him was Gu Qing Yu’s cold scalpel.

Like a calm doctor, she dissected his body as if he were a patient, pulled out his bloody heart and told him that something was wrong with him here.

She was so cruel that it left him breathless.

In all the more than twenty years that Duan Xing Yuan had lived, he had always been energetic and accomplished but had never been so lost and miserable. For the first time, he realized that there were some things in this world that he couldn’t control. He couldn’t marry Gu Qing Yu as he wished nor could he stop her from falling into the arms of another man.

He sat by the window with the bottle in his hand, heartbroken as he looked out at the night scene, shedding tears…..

For as long as he could remember, he had never shed a tear because no matter what he did, he was the one smiling, but at this moment, he had lost Gu Qing Yu.

His heart was torn apart, Duan Xing Yuan tasted what it felt like to lose his love.

He suddenly wondered, that day when he had misunderstood her and had her thrown out of the Duan Company, was this the way she felt?

Duan Xing Yuan, who was immersed in pain, didn’t notice that his soon-to-be engaged fiancée Mu Ai had been standing in front of his private box for some time now….

Fingernails sinking into the flesh of her palm, Mu Ai’s teeth bit into her lower lip until blood seeped out.

She had just returned from the painting exhibition and although she had won the first prize, she saw Bai Xiuqi and Gu Qing Yu leave together, then the Chinese promoter of the competition, the president of their Chinese Painting Association, Bai Xiuqi’s second apprentice Chen Gaoyu, surprisingly took a phone call and left directly without joining everyone else.

She had heard someone mention vaguely during dinner that it was Bai Xiuqi who had called Chen Gaoyu away.

Why would Bai Xiuqi call Chen Gaoyu away and take Gu Qing Yu with him….

This was something that didn’t even need to be thought about!

Mu Ai almost exploded. She was already sure that she had completely lost the chance to worship Bai Xiuqi as her master.

All her years of hard work and flattering that Madame Bai had gone down the drain. Mu Ai gritted her teeth then tried to find Duan Xing Yuan to comfort her, and then find a chance to flaunt Duan Xing Yuan in front to Gu Qing Yu to show her that the man she couldn’t have was now hers!

She wanted to see if Gu Qing Yu would still dare to be so smug!

But Mu Ai called Duan Xing Yuan’s phone for a long time only to find out that he had left his phone in the office, but finally after the phone rang a few times, Duan Xing Yuan’s assistant answered and told her that Duan Xing Yuan had gone out for dinner.

She asked for the address, wanting to come over to give Duan Xing Yuan a surprise, but never expected that it would be Duan Xing Yuan who would gave her a surprise first!

When he and his grandfather had come to the Mu family to propose, they had said that the Duan family looked down on Gu Qing Yu, because how could a girl of her status enter their family? Mu Ai was convinced, after all, Gu Qing Yu did have a bad reputation and with that small family of hers, how could a big family like theirs pay attention to them?

Moreover having been together officially for half a month, Duan Xing Yuan had been very kind to her and was even able to turn a blind eye to other temptations in front of her many girlfriends, making her look good, so Mu Ai thought that although he didn’t like her that much yet, he must at least have a soft spot for her if he was willing to treat her so well and propose marriage to her.

But she never expected that Duan Xing Yuan hadn’t forgotten Gu Qing Yu at all and that even when he was drunk, he would lose his usual reserve and nobility and call Gu Qing Yu, even telling her with a sob in his voice that as long as she said no, he would call off the engagement!

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6 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. He has the capacity to be somewhat introspective and reflect on his past behavior, which at least sets him above most scumbag men. Unfortunately, novels have set a very low bar for scummy behavior…

  2. i hate when novels write other women as mindlessly jealous harpies with no agency other than be mad about the fl bc of a man. is his d¡ck magic? i doubt that. he ain’t sh¡t. move on, be hot elsewhere girl.

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