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Chapter 154 Selfish reasons

“Heavens, it is too inhumane to leave us hanging!!”

“Director Zhuang, you’re very short!! If you don’t post the next video, you will not only be short, you will be very fast1It’s sort of an innuendo as well!!”

Zhuang Zi Yi gritted his teeth at the comments, but when he thought of the fact that he hadn’t seen the other half of the movie yet, he felt more balanced, because if he was being held in suspense, he had to find more people to keep him company in his misery.

When Gu Qing Yu had contacted him just now, he had only wanted to post a picture of him and his girlfriend online to clarify that he was only working with Gu Qing Yu, but he didn’t expect her to ask him to release a trailer. He had already been working on the contract with someone at his company, so he’d had someone create a trailer to be released, but he didn’t expect that such an impromptu releasing of the trailer would have such a good effect!

Zhuang Zi Yi was now thinking that since his movie had been released on the 1st of may, then Gu Qing Yu’s film could also be released on the 1st of June on Children’s day.

And because of this, he was fired up the whole night.

Little did he know, that his girlfriend, who was far away was looking at the pictures of he and Gu Qing Yu on the hot search with a bad expression on her face.

“Sister-in-law, you’ve seen it right? This woman is a real bi*ch! She already has a boyfriend, yet she’s still flirting with so many men! She’s not only flirting with my brother, she’s also flirting with my boyfriend! She’s too disgusting. I saw them alone on the balcony for almost two hours that day. When has my brother ever spent so much time alone with any woman other than you? Sister-in-law, I feel really sorry for you! They were there for two hours! I don’t believe they were just talking about work..…”

Zhuang Jing was really angry, but she was talking out of selfish reasons.

She had only just gotten together with Shao Zihan, a senior she had admired in high school, but she was two years behind him so he had graduated by the time she became a senior, then had later switched to art because she wanted to go to to the same university he was attending.

She thought she would have to go to the university to be able to reconnect her relationship with him, but she never expected that she would meet him at a party and that he would still remember her.

And seeing him at the party, she had tentatively asked him, a senior from the School of Fine Arts of S University to help her with her painting and to her surprise, Shao Zihan agreed!

Zhuang Jing had been immersed in the happiness of love for some time, before she had noticed that Shao Zihan seemed to be very interested in the entertainment industry and that besides painting, he was unexpectedly also a famous author online!

Senior Shao was really Senior Shao. He could draw, paint so well and could even write as well. She had heard of his name even before she knew that he was the author.

Zhuang Jing suddenly admired Shao Zihan even more. She went to his place of work and rewarded him continuously for a week, making him the highest-selling author of the month…..

Shao Zihan was so happy that he had invited her to dinner shyly and as time went by, they became more familiar with each other.
It was only yesterday that she learned that Shao Zihan was interested in the entertainment industry since his work had piqued someone’s interest and was being considered for adaptation into a film. And Shao Zihan, concerned with this matter,
after learning that her brother was a member of the entertainment industry and the director of the recent box office hit [Little Green Dragon], had asked her a lot of questions.

And because of this, Zhuang Jing had immediately invited Shao Zihan to the celebration banquet and last night, after the celebration banquet, she’d confessed to him by faking drunk and Shao Zihan had agreed!

In other words, Shao Zihan was now her real boyfriend.

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