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Chapter 133 Elder teaching a junior a lesson

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t even raise an eyebrow, “She dared to do this, so naturally she has to pay the price. This is a free lesson for her.”

When Chen Ran heard his words, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Sir, it’s not free. Miss Gu transferred all the money that Miss Mu Ai gave those jerks into her account.”

“Oh, just a few thousand yuan for a lifelong course, it’s a bargain.”

Mu Xuan Qing said indifferently.

“Sir, how did Miss Gu know about this? Aren’t you curious?”

Mu Xuan Qing was curious, but…..

Even if he wanted to know, they wouldn’t be able to find out right now.

After all….. she was unique and she had probably used special means.

“That doesn’t matter.” Mu Xuan Qing answered.

Subconsciously, he wanted to cover up Gu Qing Yu’s uniqueness to prevent anyone else from discovering it, even if that person was Chen Ran whom he trusted.

Just after he finished saying this, his cell phone rang. A smile appeared in his eyes as he looked at the words ‘Gu Qing Yu’ on the screen.

When he picked up the call, he heard Gu Qing Yu’s soft and sweet voice on the other end: “Sir, are you still awake?”


He said very little on the phone, but Chen Ran, who was right next to him, saw how he melted from a cold stone in an instant. Perhaps Miss Gu hadn’t known him long enough to hear it, but Chen Ran knew very well that Sir had never spoken to any woman in such a tone or in such a manner before, not even to his own family.

On the other end of the phone, Mu Ai’s wail sounded faintly, but Mu Xuan Qing turned a deaf ear to it.

“Sir, do you….. know Mu Ai?” The girl on the other end didn’t beat around the bush.

“Yes, she’s a niece of mine. What’s wrong?”

“A niece….”

The girl on the other end seemed distressed. Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes were tinged with laughter. Did she want to take revenge but hesitate because of him?

With a soft smile, Mu Xuan Qing told her, “Qing Yu, you’re my junior sister, which means you’re my niece’s elder.”

As soon as his words ended, Gu Qing Yu’s voice on the other end turned a little sweeter, “En, Sir… you’re right. Then, you don’t have a problem with this elder teaching her junior who doesn’t know any better, do you?”

“Not at all. Thank you for your help in teaching the younger members of the family.”

The corners of Chen Ran’s mouth twitched as he stared at Mu Xuan Qing.

Had Sir noticed that not only was there a smile in his eyes, but also on the corners of his lips, and that his voice had a little bit of a doting smile in it?

This indulgent look, was really….

He had never seen it before, so it was a little difficult to adapt to.

Hanging up, Mu Xuan Qing thought for a few seconds then said to Chen Ran calmly: “Take care of it.”

“Yes Sir.”

Chen Ran didn’t ask what he was to take care of, as he didn’t even need to think about it to know that it was to deal with the trace that Miss Gu had appeared and taught Miss Mu Ai a lesson.

On the other side, Gu Qing Yu hung up the phone and smiled softly as she looked at Mu Ai in front of her: “Did you hear that? Your family’s… no, he’s not yours, he’s mine. Your elder, asked me this elder to teach you, this junior who doesn’t know how to behave a lesson.”

Mu Ai gritted her teeth, “You’re lying! You can’t possibly know any of the elders of our Mu family, let alone… possibly know Sir!”

Mu Ai couldn’t believe that Gu Qing Yu would be related to the mysterious and powerful ‘Sir’ of the Mu family, and that she could even talk to him directly on the phone…

It had to be known, that even her father didn’t have ‘Sir’s’ phone number, and if her father had a problem, he could only call her uncle, who would then decide whether to call Sir for help or not.

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  1. Wipes sweat of forehead*. Though that she wouldn’t destroy her, glad it turned out this way, just shows how many dissipating things I’ve read that jumping to conclusions is easy to do

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