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Chapter 238 Why had she come to see her?

It would have been fine if she had no connection with Gu Qing Yu, but instead Gu Qing Yu was her boss and more importantly, Gu Qing Yu had given her a new lease on life.

Gu Qing Yu’s small entertainment company was already filled with various online celebrities and she, a veteran employee from the very beginning, was always the one who was treated the best. There were jobs for everyone based on their abilities and there was never any need to fight for connections or money and everyone worked very hard in this environment. Even she was driven to work very hard.

She had started to learn foreign languages, taught herself more make-up techniques, taught herself how to make videos, her acting skills had improved, her videos had become more creative and she had gained more fans….. She had initially doubted herself and wondered if all these fans were just because she looked like Gu Qing Yu. But then she realized that many people really liked her and not just because she looked like Gu Qing Yu.

Even if she had someone else’s face, she was still charismatic.

Now she had become incredibly confident and at her best in the company, had become the first sister of the company and according to the deal Gu Qing Yu gave her at the beginning, she didn’t need to give Gu Qing Yu a single penny. Furthermore Gu Qing Yu had only wanted her to attract more people and attention for her at the beginning but then as more and more people joined the company, the pressure of competition became so intense that she became nervous and afraid that she would be eliminated and that she would become useless to Gu Qing Yu.

Since Gu Qing Yu didn’t keep any of the money she earned for herself, then she had to provide some value for Gu Qing Yu, otherwise why should Gu Qing Yu continue helping her? Even when she put herself in Gu Qing Yu’s shoes and considered it from her perspective, she felt that she didn’t need to keep providing such an idle person with such good staff and promoting her, hence Lin Han Jiao wanted to be useful.

So although Gu Qing Yu didn’t ask for it, she gave a lot of useful suggestions to her team as well as the entire management team of the company. She also often volunteered to help bring in new people and created value of her own.

Naturally, Gu Qing Yu noticed her efforts.

That was why a few months ago, Gu Qing Yu promoted her straight to be a part of the management team and like the other managers, she received 5% of the money the company made, which was more than she earned from her own videos and live streams, and being in management meant she didn’t have to worry all the time that she would be easily left out because she wasn’t valuable. Lin Han Jiao worked even harder and the company became one of the top entertainment companies in the circle because of her and the other two managers.

Gu Qing Yu had actually not taken the small company seriously for a long time, because although the company made her hundreds of thousands of yuan a month, with the professional management team she had hired and with Fei Fei as the supervisor behind it, it didn’t require much effort from her at all. Furthermore the money she was making now was measured in billions, so this amount of money was simply negligible.

But she still noticed Lin Han Jiao’s efforts, otherwise she wouldn’t have promoted her to management.

What she was curious about, was that over the year Lin Han Jiao had actually not dared contact her too much for fear that she would be upset if she saw her face that resembled hers, although Lin Han Jiao was actually overthinking things. It wasn’t as if this face was hers, so why would she be angry at the sight of Lin Han Jiao’s face? But what she wondered was…..

Now, how dare Lin Han Jiao come see her?

Yesterday, when she called her and said she wanted to see her, she had been very surprised.

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