Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 228 My boyfriend will k*ll you

Good little cousin?

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, “I advise you not to call me that, otherwise….. my boyfriend will k*ll you.”

“Your boyfriend?” Shen Ruiyi then remembered that there was such a thing. Yes, it seems Gu Qing Yu had stated publicly that she had a boyfriend when the rumors about her were all over the place…..

When he thought of this, Shen Ruiyi narrowed his eyes, “Who is he? Not just anyone can be my cousin’s boyfriend!”

All right, this easily irritated personality was probably the same as his father’s…..

Although she had only met him three times, Gu Qing Yu had already gotten a good sense of Father Shen’s sis-con qualities, but she didn’t expect Shen Ruiyi to be an unconscious sis-con once it was confirmed that she was really his cousin.

Gu Qing Yu smiled faintly, “Oh, I don’t think you’ll have the chance to judge him.”

After all, Sir’s position….. well, it wasn’t something that ordinary people could shake. Even if the Shen family’s power wasn’t weak, their power was overseas, not in C Country.

Shen Jianian’s expression was also a bit serious, “Qing Yu, tell uncle, who is your boyfriend? Uncle will test him for you.”

Test Sir?

Gu Qing Yu laughed out loud.

“Okay.” She smiled sweetly, “His name is Mu Xuan Qing.”

“Mu Xuan…..Qing?” Shen Ruiyi narrowed his eyes, “Why does that name sound familiar to me?”

Shen Jianian’s face changed, “Are you sure….. the name is correct? His name is Mu Xuan Qing?”

Shen Ruiyi froze. This was the first time he had seen his father’s expression so serious, even somewhat….. reverent and worried when a person’s name was mentioned?

Was this Mu Xuan Qing, some kind of big shot? Why did he seem to have little impression of him?

Wait, Mu Xuan Qing, Mu Xuan…..Lin? He was from the Mu family?

Shen Ruiyi’s eyes widened and he too looked quickly at Gu Qing Yu.

Gu Qing Yu nodded, “Yes, his name is Mu Xuan Qing.”

“From the Imperial Capital?” Father Shen then asked.

“Yes, from the Imperial Capital.”

“Twenty-seven years old?”


“Does he have a brother called Mu Xuan Lin?”

“I think so, I haven’t met his family yet.”


Shen Jianian fell silent, feeling that things were a little tricky.

He wanted to protect his niece for the rest of her life and never let her be hurt a bit again, especially with boyfriends and husbands of these times, it was one of the top priorities. He would never let his precious niece meet a scum like Sun Mingyuan that his sister met back then!

If her boyfriend was just an average guy, then it was okay, because even though their Shen family’s power was no longer abroad, they still had some contacts in the country.

But, her boyfriend was actually a member of the Mu family!

If it were Mu Xuan Lin’s son or someone else, it wouldn’t be too difficult, after all, the Mu family’s power wasn’t much different from their Shen family’s. But if it was Mu Xuan Qing…..

The rumored ‘Sir’….. then it was a different matter.

Many people were unaware of Mu Xuan Qing’s existence, and he was so low-profile that few people knew how terrifying his power was, but Shen Jianian, probably because he was overseas, got the information faster. After all, when Mu Xuan Qing, who was only 10 years old had an accident, it had happened overseas…..

Shen Jianian wasn’t too sure of the details. He only remembered that there were a dozen young talents like Mu Xuan Qing who were sent out for training together, but they all disappeared in the middle of the training and two of the missing teenagers had been from the Shen family. C country had asked the powerful Nong family in the region to help find them, as it was difficult for them to reach out to other countries.

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