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Chapter 77 Business isn’t fair to anyone?

This daughter of his was really…..

All she thought about was love and men, not him her father!

The anger inside Gu Wen Qiang almost overwhelmed him, but he couldn’t show it. If she found out and didn’t want to be with Duan Xing Yuan, then he would have lost all the progress he had made.

He tried to be calm, “Qing Yu, how did Dad bring you up? Business isn’t fair to anyone. Why do you hate him if he hasn’t done you any harm? We need to know how to be considerate and tolerant of others…”

His words completely exposed his thoughts.

He just thought it was ‘business’.

But, were feelings the same as business?

But now, if she didn’t agree, Gu Wen Qiang would definitely not make her life easy and would definitely find more trouble for her, so lowered her eyes, Gu Qing Yu pretended to look convinced, nodding her head in resignation, “I understand, dad…”

Gu Wen Qiang nodded in satisfaction, stroking her hair as he said, “Good girl, dad knows you’re a good girl…. school is starting soon. Go to bed early tonight and don’t think about anything. Your brother Xing Yuan won’t be coming over here lately either, so you should adjust your mind…..”

“Got it.”

She nodded obediently and went upstairs.

Closing the door, she looked at her hair with disgust. Her long, silky hair had been touched by Gu Wen Qiang, making her feel disgusted.

She went into the bathroom showered and washed her hair clean before she came out.

Hmm, school was about to start…..

She was looking forward to school life on this planet.

The original owner had good grades, but because she liked to draw, she chose the School of Fine Arts at S University. Gu Wen Qiang didn’t want his two daughters to inherit the Gu family, nor did he expect them to achieve much, so he allowed them to study what they liked. The original owner chose the art-filled School of Fine Arts, and Gu Qing Chen, who grew up drawing in order to compete with the original owner, followed her into the School of Fine Arts, and they were even at the same level….

In other words, once school started, she would see Gu Qing Chen.

Gu Qing Chen hadn’t come home for a while but Gu Wen Qiang didn’t seem to care about her. He had given her a sum of money, so she could do whatever she wanted. Moreover he had no control over her marriage so she could go wild, anyways….

Gu Wenqiang also knew that Gu Qing Chen’s taste wasn’t low, otherwise why would she want to steal her sister’s fiancé? She didn’t even take Shen Cheng into consideration, only Duan Xing Yuan, and now that she had given up Duan Xing Yuan, the man she would find, would definitely not be much worse than Duan Xing Yuan.

So, he just left her to her own devices.

School was in session.

Gu Qing Yu couldn’t hide her excitement when she arrived at S University and tying her hair into a simple ponytail, Gu Qing Yu looked a little different from the school beauty of the art college who always had long hair and white dresses, but her unpowdered face was still so beautiful that even the students who had just enrolled in the new academic year were dumbfounded. None of the girls could compete with her, with some looking at her with either envy or jealousy….

Gu Qing Chen gritted her teeth a little as she watched the scene from afar.

After everything that had happened, how was it that she was still as gorgeous as ever, untouched?

While she…..

Gu Qing Chen kept her head down, wearing a mask and keeping her hat down so that no one would recognize her.

During this time, after her conversations with Lin Han Jiao and Shen Cheng appeared online, and after it was revealed that she had invited Lin Han Jiao out, which led to her almost being kidnapped and her being sent to the police, almost all of her friends ignored her.

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  1. Did she study other stuff like she said she would or did she or do the computer part. Wonder of she can draw

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