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Chapter 64 If I were her, I wouldn’t even dare to leave the house!

Sun Caiyu’s gaze attracted the attention of her girlfriends who weren’t as calm as they appeared to be. Duan Yun Yun said mockingly, “Yo, isn’t that the main character of that little video? I can’t believe she came over here, isn’t she ashamed of herself!”

“That’s right, even if the person in the video isn’t her, doesn’t she look exactly the same as her? If I were her, I wouldn’t even dare to leave the house!”

“Yes and who knows, perhaps the woman in the video is her? Maybe that Shen Cheng has taken down two women who look the same, tsk.”

Sun Caiyu, however, was a little unable to hear, her mind a bit confused.

How could Gu Qing Yu be here? Wasn’t her family in S City? Or did Duan Xing Yuan bring her here? She had heard the news that Duan Xing Yuan had recently ordered a super big ring and said he was going to propose again…..

Could it be that he had brought by her here to meet Elder Duan? Had Elder Duan approved of their marriage?

Her thoughts were so complicated that she didn’t hear her best friend’s words clearly for a moment. It wasn’t until her best friend touched her that she came back to her senses, “Huh?”

Duan Yun Yun narrowed her eyes, “Caiyu, tell me, this kind of place….. is not a place that everyone can come to….. this place operates on a membership system, so non-members simply can’t get in. Moreover, isn’t Gu Qing Yu the daughter of a small richest man in S city? The membership cards in the country are only a few hundred, how come she has a membership card?”

The expression on Sun Caiyu’s face sank and her voice dropped a little, “Maybe….. maybe Duan Xing Yuan gave it to her.”

“If Duan Xing Yuan gave it to her then how come it’s another man who is accompanying her?” Her best friend’s tone was a little strange, “Caiyu, look at that man….. he’s quite handsome and his dressing shows that he has a lot of money, and he’s very attentive to Gu Qing Yu… how come I haven’t heard of such a person in the imperial capital?”

Sun Caiyu looked at Chen Ran, pondering.

Another girlfriend continued, “Tsk, this Gu Qing Yu is really not ordinary. I heard that after the incident of the video, Elder Duan is seriously not satisfied with her; maybe she knows she can’t enter the Duan family, so she’s looking for her next target!”

Sun Caiyu lowered her eyes.

If that was the case, then did… Duan Xing Yuan, did he know?

Duan Yun Yun was Duan Xing Yuan’s cousin, she and Sun Caiyu were bosom friends, she knew Sun Caiyu’s heart and had always hoped that Sun Caiyu could become her cousin-in-law, so naturally, she didn’t like Gu Qing Yu at all.

She only took one look at Sun Caiyu’s expression to know what she was thinking. Her eyes turning, she took out her cell phone and called Duan Xing Yuan, “Cousin, it’s Yun Yun… that, where are you now? I seem to have seen Miss Gu…”

Sun Caiyu’s heart instantly hung in the air as she looked at her nervously.

Duan Yun Yun smiled smugly, continuing, “Ah, where are we? We’re at Hearing Snow Pavilion… you want to come over? Sure, come over and help us pay the bill!”

Hanging up, she smiled at Sun Caiyu, “Done!”

She wanted to see if that woman was hooking up with other men behind her cousin’s back and if she was, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would be best if her cousin saw through this woman and broke up with her right away, so that Caiyu would have a chance to become her cousin-in-law!

Duan Yun Yun was thinking this way, and Sun Caiyu was obviously expecting the same as she stared at Gu Qing Yu on the other side with some apprehension, “That’s… not a good idea right? I’m afraid your cousin might think we called him over on purpose…”

In that case, what if Duan Xing Yuan thought she was a calculative person?

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