Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 218 At this age, it’s time to think about it

Besides, Gu Wen Qiang had installed a lot of surveillance inside and outside the entire Gu Mansion. In addition to wanting to know if she was hiding any secrets from him, Gu Wen Qiang also really didn’t trust others, and the previous incident with Madam Gu and Gu Qing Chen also seemed to have provoked him.

Fei Fei had sensed that his master’s situation last night wasn’t suitable for recording, so without waiting for her approval, had gone ahead and destroyed all the cameras, as well as all the indoor and outdoor cameras of the entire Gu Mansion.

Even if Gu Wen Qiang found out, he wouldn’t think it was her fault, but that he had purchased the wrong cameras.

After deleting all the footage, Fei Fei went back into hibernation and only woke up to tell Gu Qing Yu what happened when he heard his name.

When Fei Fei finished, he suddenly said, “Master, there seems to be more energy in you.”

It was strange, because although she had received a lot of energy from Mu Xuan Qing before, that was on the night of the full moon, there was even more now!

She hadn’t noticed it before because she had felt so uncomfortable, but when Fei Fei mentioned it, Gu Qing Yu realised that the energy in her body seemed to have increased again, and that it had increased very much!

Was it because of last night?

But she didn’t drink his blood last night, so why ……

Before she was able to think about it clearly, Gu Wen Qiang had already knocked on Mu Xuan Qing’s door, so thinking no more of it, Gu Qing Yu quickly used her energy to repair her body. Her body that was still sore immediately didn’t hurt at all, and the marks on her body disappeared as well, her whole body instantly filled with energy.

So in a very good mood, she winked at Mu Xuan Qing, not telling him what the reason was, but, given Mu Xuan Qing’s intelligence, he could guess why.

To him, his blood was dirty, poisonous and harmful to everyone.

But to her, it was something so good that it even made her body recover instantly….

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes flashed and there was something inexplicably touching in his heart, but he didn’t say anything; instead, the gaze with which he looked at Gu Qing Yu became even more tender.

This, in Gu Wen Qiang’s opinion, was evidence of what had happened!

Happy, he smiled a little, opening his mouth, “Xuan Qing, you’re twenty-seven years old, right? Hasn’t your family forced you to get married sooner?”

Mu Xuan Qing replied politely, “My parents died when I was a child and I only have two older brothers who don’t really care much about me.”

Actually, it wasn’t that they didn’t care much, but that they didn’t dare to care at all.

The old man hadn’t even forced him to get married back then, so Mu Xuan Lin wouldn’t do it, and Mu Xuan Yang, after his wife had tried to introduce one of her own to him and offended him completely, causing him to be treated coldly for so many years wouldn’t dare to interfere in his affairs.

If Gu Wen Qiang hadn’t been Qing Yu’s father, Mu Xuan Qing wouldn’t have even answered.

Gu Wen Qiang didn’t realize how powerful he, this junior was, let alone that no one dared to speak to Mu Xuan Qing in this way and continued acting like an elder as he said, “At this age, it’s time to think about it.”

He didn’t even realize that his own daughter was only twenty years old. “You two…. have been dating for a while. If you’re not careful….”

He didn’t say anything more, but Mu Xuan Qing understood what he meant. Gu Wen Qiang must have known about last night’s incident. Although he didn’t have Fei Fei like Gu Qing Yu did, he could probably guess.

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  1. Why would Father Gu remember something as useless as his daughter’s age? I wonder if he remembers her birthday. Maybe his assistant buys a gift for her.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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