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Chapter 79 Participating in the competition

And with the money she had now, she couldn’t even buy all the lab equipments she wanted, let alone a lab.

She needed money.

And the fastest legal means to get money for her right now, seemed to be all kinds of competitions.

Gu Qing Yu took the registration form from Shao Zihan, “Thank you class president, I will participate!”

Shao Zihan looked at her back as she left, his eyes gloomy….

As an alien, Gu Qing Yu didn’t bother to pay much attention to how oddly Shao Zihan looked at her, after all, in the original owner’s memories, Shao Zihan was as kind and polite to her as he was to the other students around him, and he took care of her.

She went straight back to the painting room, studied the entry requirements and started painting. The original owner’s talent was good, but Gu Qing Yu also enjoyed the feeling of having brightly colored paints intertwined and drawn into a beautiful picture. Moreover, she was even more daring than the original owner.

Once the painting was done, the eyes of Stallone, the oil painting teacher who had always admired her, lit up: “Not bad, not bad! Qing Yu, I’ve noticed that you’ve become much bolder in your use of color after not seeing you for a holiday. This painting isn’t as delicate as your previous works, but it’s a sight to behold, and, there’s a sense of movement, it’s as if….. it’s a painting that flows. There’s not a single frame that is fixed. I love it so much!”

Stallone expressed with difficulty in the little Chinese he knew, his eyes were glowing.

The students in the drawing room couldn’t help but come up to see. There was envy and jealousy in the eyes of some while there was admiration and awe in the eyes of others. The only one who didn’t change was Shao Zihan. Gu Qing Yu had discovered that the glasses he wore hid his heart, making it so that no one could see his emotions.

A trace of jealousy flashed in the eyes of Lin Xiao Yi next to her. After not seeing her a semester, Gu Qing Yu had encountered so many things and it was even said that she had broken up with her fiancé, so how come instead of being affected, her painting had gotten better?

In her heart, she was jealous, but on the surface, she smiled happily and said to Gu Qing Yu: “Qing Yu, you’re really great! This painting will definitely win an award!”

Gu Qing Yu wasn’t overwhelmed by the praise from the crowd, because although she was quite satisfied with her first painting with Earth paints, this painting wasn’t that good in her opinion.

Stallone, however, was satisfied: “You can use this one to enter the competition, you’ll definitely be able to show off in the oil painting project!”

It was late at night and the rain was pouring down.

In the painting room where the entries were stored, a figure entered quietly and opened one of the windows….

The next day.

When Gu Qing Yu arrived at the classroom, she noticed that something was wrong.

“Qing Yu, what should we do? The entries are going to be sent to the preliminary examination in the afternoon, but something seems to be wrong with your painting…”

Shao Zihan looked at her with concern.

“What happened?”

“Didn’t it rain heavily last night? The windows of the studio were actually left open, and your painting, because it wasn’t dry yet had been placed closer to the window to air dry, but as a result… it got wet from the rain.” Shao Zihan said.

The class looked at Gu Qing Yu sympathetically, after all, they had seen with their own eyes yesterday how well she had done this painting. Something like painting required timing, location and people, and if you repainted it, you wouldn’t be able to find the same feeling you had at the beginning, even if you were a famous painter, you wouldn’t be able to paint a painting that was exactly the same as your own classic, and the skill of the painting afterwards may be better than the previous one, but the feeling of the painting may not be as good.

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