Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 212 Has to have someone with him… in order to be able to sleep

Perhaps it was because of the rain outside, or perhaps it was the sweet smile on her face, or the fact that he was leaving again tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to see her for a long time…

Mu Xuan Qing took Gu Qing Yu’s hand.

“This is the first time I have come to your house and you’re actually going to leave me alone to fend for myself?”

Gu Qing Yu raised a brow, “Sir~ could it be….”

Moving closer to him, she teased him with a smirk, “Could it be that Sir is a child who has to have someone with him when he arrives in a strange place… in order to be able to sleep?”

She looked really cute like this. His eyes filled with laughter, Mu Xuan Qing nodded his head in a serious manner, “Hmm.”

Gu Qing Yu laughed out loud then took his hand, “Okay, then I’ll show you around the place properly…”

However, she didn’t have a favorable impression of the rest of the Gu family, so she pulled Mu Xuan Qing straight into her room. Gu Wen Qiang, who had come upstairs from a distance, narrowed his eyes as he saw this scene…

Gu Qing Yu’s room was unlike any other girl’s room. It was filled with various plants and painting tools, as well as an unfinished painting on an easel. His interest piqued, Mu Xuan Qing went closer to have a look, and looking at him with her chin in her hands, Gu Qing Yu suggested, “Sir, painting is good for a quiet mind, so why don’t you help me continue?”

Mu Xuan Qing raised his eyebrows, but didn’t refuse this request. Taking a brush, he began to mix the paint, and really started to paint.

Sir was worthy of being Sir, even the way he painted was so elegant.

Gu Qing Yu was reading a book quietly, occasionally looking up at him, but then noticed that somehow Mu Xuan Qing’s white shirt had been stained with blue paint, and his chin, too, had been stained a little at some point.

She burst out laughing, finding that Sir looked much more approachable this way. The laughter managed to make Mu Xuan Qing look up at her.

Walking over, Gu Qing Yu stood on her tiptoes, took a wet tissue and wiped the paint from his chin gently.

It wasn’t good to get paint directly on one’s body.

As fun as it was, it was best to wipe it off quickly.

Gu Qing Yu thought to herself. However the paint was a bit dry, so it wasn’t easy to wipe it off directly, and, as it was on his face, she didn’t dare use too much force, so she carefully wiped it off for him and watching the paint disappear little by little, she nodded in satisfaction.

She didn’t know that Mu Xuan Qing’s expression as he looked at her who was close at hand wasn’t right. She was so close that he could feel the faint fragrance of her body, see her skin up close, and see her lips that looked like orchids when she exhaled….

His throat twitched.

“There.” Gu Qing Yu took a step back and looked at him with a smile.

Mu Xuan Qing coughed lightly then casually grabbed the water next to him. Perhaps it was too hot, because he drank the glass of water in one go.

But strangely enough, the cold water couldn’t calm the agitation in his body, instead, it made him even hotter.

Tugging the button off his collar, he gasped as he said, “I’m….. I’m going back to rest first.”

Gu Qing Yu was a little confused. It wasn’t hot now, so why was there sweat on Sir’s forehead?

“Sir, what’s wrong with you?”

Reaching out her hand, she touched his forehead.

Her hand was cold, soft and comforting. At once, like a traveler in the desert who had come upon an oasis, he grabbed her hand that was trying to pull away and turned his head to look at her, the look in his eyes blazing hot…

Gu Qing Yu didn’t realize how dangerous the light in the eyes of the man in front of her was at the moment. She only felt puzzled, and then, she didn’t want to see him being uncomfortable.

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  1. Will Gu Qing Yu end up as a rabbit in the jaws of a wolf, or will she be able to stand her ground?

    Thank you for the chapter!

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