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Chapter 202 Questioning on the spot

The judges were a bit perplexed, and then Gu Qing Yu took out her cell phone, which had a picture of the painting they had just chosen for first prize in the oil painting category today….

Huh? No, this painting was almost the same as the one that had won the first prize today. Except for the composition and colors, the painting technique was completely different!

The one in the picture was obviously much more mature and, most importantly, better painted. The judges originally thought they had selected a good painting of this one for first place, but after comparing it to the original, they realized that the painting they had given first place was simply a childish copy done by a beginner.

Teacher Huang frowned, “Student Gu, what is going on with this painting?”

Gu Qing Yu smiled a little, “Teachers, it’s just as you are seeing, I painted this painting. I sent it, along with four other paintings to my Second Senior Brother Chen Gaoyu’s gallery a few months ago for the gallery to sell on my behalf, yet this painting disappeared mysteriously and today, I’m seeing a painting so similar to mine here….”

She didn’t continue, but several of the judges’ faces darkened as they realized what she was saying.

They were in the art business, so they could make references to other people’s work and learn from it, but to have someone directly imitate someone else’s painting in a competition like this, where the theme was given on the spot and original ideas were valued, was an insult to the competition!

Another upright teacher, Teacher Liu, gritted his teeth, “This is outrageous, she’s bullying others who have never seen this painting before and treating us as fools!”

The other teachers also looked a bit gloomy, “I’ll cancel her results immediately and put her on the blacklist! This kind of person who disrespects the competition isn’t qualified to participate in our competition!”

There wasn’t the slightest doubt, after all, they had watched Zhuang Jing paint this picture on the spot with the painting tools they had provided, whereas the picture in Gu Qing Yu’s hand had obviously been painted earlier and even without looking at the time shown on it which was several months ago, the fact that Gu Qing Yu could produce this picture on the spot proved that this picture predated their competition, so the charge of Zhuang Jing copying and imitating was definitely established!

On stage, Zhuang Jing’s face paled as she looked at Gu Qing Yu, blood beading on her lower lip from how much she was biting it….

She guessed it.

Yes, the picture ……

How could she have forgotten that although Gu Qing Yu didn’t have the original painting with her, she might have taken a picture of it afterwards or something. If she had imitated the painting on another occasion, it would have been fine, because even if she had submitted her work directly, as she had done in previous competitions, and Gu Qing Yu had taken a picture out, she could have explained that Gu Qing Yu had secretly taken a picture of her work, but this time it was a live painting competition…

No, no, she was only a freshman, she couldn’t carry the bad reputation of being a plagiarist…

Yes, she had other options….

Didn’t Gu Qing Yu just have a picture? She could show the original and say that Gu Qing Yu had secretly taken a picture of it!

Thinking this way, Zhuang Jing was much more calmer, so when one of the judges stood up and asked, “Student Zhuang, are you sure this painting was created from your original idea?”, Zhuang Jing played innocent as she answered calmly:

“Yes, teacher.”

Teacher Huang narrowed his eyes, his tone a little dangerous, “Student Zhuang, can you take responsibility for what you have just said?”

Zhuang Jing broke out in a cold sweat, her hands behind her back pulling her skirt so tightly that it wrinkled. When the boy next to her, who had won second place, noticed this minor detail, he narrowed his eyes….

Her movements were so subtle that people on stage couldn’t see them. They just thought that this girl was pretty and calm, could it be that the judges had made a mistake?

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