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Chapter 165 She really liked it

Wei Lingling followed the actions of the audience attending the premiere in marvelling at some of the wonderful scenes, then sensing Gu Qing Yu on the other side of Zhuang Zi Yi, she felt a pang of chagrin. Was she given Gu Qing Yu too much respect? No, she had to pretend to be calm, the movie wasn’t good at all….

Huh? This image was too beautiful….

Wei Lingling struggled violently inside. She didn’t want to give Gu Qing Yu too much credit, but as she watched, she unconsciously became fascinated once again….

When the movie ended, Wei Lingling looked at the words ‘Fei Fei’s Studio’ with red eyes, suddenly understanding that she seemed….

To be a fan of Gu Qing Yu’s studio and was in love with Gu Qing Yu’s animated movie?

She had even followed the protagonist’s joy and sorrow for two hours, forgetting that she had secretly thought about picking faults in the movie at the beginning and doing a bad review online or something, but because it was also her boyfriend’s movie, she wouldn’t go too far. She had planned to only criticise the parts that Gu Qing Yu was responsible for, but she didn’t expect that after watching it….

She found that she really liked it…..

This animated movie was completely different from what she had imagined. She had thought that only the special effects would be good and that the story and background would drag on or something, but really….

Every aspect was very well done. It was so exquisite and perfect that she couldn’t find anything bad about it. Even the soundtrack was so good that she was still thinking about it in her head, thinking about downloading it and playing it on a loop when she got back….

Once the premiere was over, the audience were obviously a little dazed, unable to walk out from under the movie’s influence right away and some of the invited journalists and critics were already typing away excitedly on their laptops. As Zhuang Zi Yi and Gu Qing Yu went on stage to answer a few questions and take interviews, Wei Lingling’s emotions were incomparably complicated as she watched them from below the stage….

What to do? Gu Qing Yu seemed really strong and she was really beautiful….

Looking at the incomparable image of her boyfriend and Gu Qing Yu standing together and looking at them as they talked about the same things they saw in the movie, Wei Lingling was a bit sour, but this time the sourness she felt had to do with self-shame….

Gu Qing Yu looked at Wei Lingling from afar. Why was this girl looking at her with tears in her eyes?

Moreover, her eyes were so sorrowful….

The movie’s reviews were particularly good, and Zhuang Ziyi was so excited that he invited Gu Qing Yu to join him for dinner and….

Because it wouldn’t be only two of them at dinner as Wei Lingling was also there, Gu Qing Yu agreed.

During the meal, Wei Lingling never said a word. Gu Qing Yu laughed lightly, took out her cell phone and called Mu Xuan Qing.

“Xuan Qing~”

On the other end, Mu Xuan Qing laughed lightly as he raised his eyebrows, “Why, aren’t you going to call me ‘Sir’ anymore?”

He remembered that at first she called him by his first name, then later copied Chen Ran and the others in calling him ‘Sir’. However, when others called him ‘Sir’, they all had a particularly serious or even terrified tone, only she, when calling him ‘Sir’, always had a special feeling that made his ears tingle….

But if another woman dared to call him this, would he not feel the same way?

Mu Xuan Qing had asked himself this question, however, he had immediately denied himself.

Other women wouldn’t dare call him this way because he wouldn’t give them the chance.

On the other end of the phone, Gu Qing Yu’s eyes were watery, the corners of her mouth rising uncontrollably. “Sir~ I miss you.”

Across the table, Wei Lingling glanced up at her, surprised at the state she was in at the moment.

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  1. if i was an outsider listening to them i’d assume they were into some kinky sh¡t. Sir this, Sir that…I’ve dabbled in BDSM, i know the jist.

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