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Chapter 295 It’s useless even if you regret it

Mu Xuan Lin, as the person who knew the most about Mu Xuan Qing’s life over the past ten years, knew best how difficult it was for him and so also felt the most distressed for him.

And so with that, he didn’t say any more and left after chatting for a few minutes.

Of course Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t have run into him. Could it be that if she run into him now, she, this Master would probably feel embarrassed?

She hid in the next room and within a few minutes, Mu Xuan Qing came over, hugged her from behind and rested his head lazily on her shoulder.

“Qing Yu……”

Turning around, Gu Qing Yu leaned into his arms, “Sir~ if you want a baby, I can give you one.”

Mu Xuan Qing raised his eyebrows, “You heard that? Then you should have heard my answer as well. My answer is, I don’t want one.”

He had been alone for so long, and it hadn’t been easy for him to find someone who could fill his heart, she who completed his entire being, hence he didn’t want another person to disrupt the rhythm of their lives in any way.

He had no notion of giving birth to an heir to carry on the family line, what’s more Old Master Mu and Mu Xuan Lin just wanted him to be happy, which he was now, especially compared to before when he was alone and didn’t even dare go see the Old Master. He was now happy in a way he never ever thought he would be before.

He had assumed that he would lose to that man, that he would be caught in the lab again, that he would become an experiment or a tool, and he had already thought about what he would do in that situation…… and that was to perish together with that man.

He had also thought that he might win, that he could finally return to his old life, but, no matter what he became, he never thought that he would be as happy as he was now.

He was grateful for Gu Qing Yu’s presence and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He didn’t want to have more children or anything.

Raising her eyebrows, Gu Qing Yu smiled, “You really don’t want one?”

“I really don’t, I just want you.” Mu Xuan Qing whispered and the knot in his throat rolling, he picked her up and placed her on the table behind her.


Gu Qing Yu looked at him, “It’s broad daylight.”


“Someone will hear us.”

“No one will.”

Saying this, Mu Xuan Qing immediately set up an energy barrier. This action was similar to the legendary boundary. It directly cut off all the sound from their location and even if there were cameras around, the person on the other side would find that he wasn’t able to see anything.

Then, without even moving from where he was standing, he locked the door, bullied his way up and wrapped his arms around Gu Qing Yu’s waist.


Looking at him, Gu Qing Yu said in a somewhat distressed tone, “I suddenly regret it. I shouldn’t have taught you how to use the energy.”

Now that there were no enemies, Sir was simply using it all on her.

Mu Xuan Qing looked at her fixedly, a smile in his eyes, his voice low, “It’s useless even if you regret it.”


It was dark and Chen Ran was trying to report to Sir, however he searched everywhere but couldn’t find him, and the only door that was locked was the one next to the study, which, according to the maid, hadn’t been opened all afternoon. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Sir was seriously…..

It was daytime, moreover it had been so long……

Never mind, wasn’t he used to it yet?

Chen Ran, the single dog, sighed. Should he take his years of backlogged annual leave? He also wanted a sweet, crazy relationship……

As he waited, the door opened and Mu Xuan Qing came out with his hair slightly damp, having obviously taken a shower.

“What’s wrong?”

Sir, ever perceptive, had probably finished and sensed his arrival, that was why he had come out.

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