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Chapter 164 Dark undercurrents surging between the two women

After just a few times of instruction, Gu Qing Yu felt that her Chinese painting level had improved significantly, which surprised even the teachers in her Chinese painting class.

There was also the market for her Chinese paintings. The people who bought her Chinese paintings were usually people who didn’t know her, because most of the people who knew her started from her award-winning paintings, so the fact that they would buy her Chinese paintings showed that her painting skills were really good.

[Star] was finally going to be released and Gu Qing Yu was invited by Zhuang Zi Yi to attend the premiere together. Wei Ling Ling followed Zhuang Zi Yi closely, wearing what she thought looked best on her.

Although Zhuang Zi Yi had clarified that he and Gu Qing Yu were only collaborating and that day on the balcony, they were just talking about collaboration, Wei Lingling however believed Zhuang Jing more. After all, Zhuang Jing said that they had been alone on the balcony for two hours that day…..

Why not discuss collaboration in a formal setting? Zhuang Zi Yi had always kept public and private matters separate, and aside from not allowing personal relationships to spill over into business, his distinction between public and private matters was also reflected in another point: he would never carry business into his personal life.

There had never been an exception in the past, so why was there an exception once he meet Gu Qing Yu?

Although the celebration party for him was related to business, it was still a relatively relaxed private event and generally in such cases Zhuang Zi Yi would just let everyone have fun and not talk about business. Even if they wanted to, he would bring the other party to a more formal setting to talk about it, because for him, serious matters had to be discussed in a formal setting, so how could he possibly talk about business alone with a woman in the corner of a balcony on the day of his celebration party?

Wei Lingling and Zhuang Zi Yi had been together for a long time and she thought she knew Zhuang Zi Yi very well, which was why she wondered if he and Gu Qing Yu really had something going on, which was why she was watching over him so anxiously…..

But she probably wouldn’t have guessed that Zhuang Zi Yi would go against his own principles because the animated movie Gu Qing Yu had shown him was so good that he was immersed in it for a while and couldn’t wait to work with her after watching it, fearing that if he dragged it out any longer, he would be beaten to it by others.

“Lingling, this is Gu Qing Yu. Qing Yu, this is my girlfriend, Wei Lingling.”

Zhuang Zi Yi introduced happily, not noticing his girlfriend’s hostility towards Gu Qing Yu.

Gu Qing Yu felt it, but…..

With a face like hers she seemed to have gotten used to such gazes.

She nodded indifferently: “Miss Wei, hello.”

Wei Lingling smiled faintly, “Miss Gu, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Zhuang Zi Yi was a straightforward person. Completely unaware of the dark undercurrents surging between the two, he pulled the two of them happily to sit down on his left and right side, ready to watch the movie.

When [Star] began to play, Wei Lingling was a little unimpressed at first. It was said that the movie was made by Gu Qing Yu’s studio, and the characters, background, pictures plot was all underwritten and done by Gu Qing Yu alone, only she also had a very powerful special effects team, but she didn’t believe it. Gu Qing Yu was just a student, even if she won the first prize in an international competition, she was still only a student, so so what if she drew a few good background pictures for her boyfriend’s movie?

Her movie was definitely average and at best the special effects were better, after all, Zhuang Zi Yi praised from time to time how good Gu Qing Yu’s movie’s special effects were, and she trusted her boyfriend’s vision…..

Wei Lingling thought this way, hence she was biased from the first second, however she didn’t expect to be fascinated by this animated movie in less than 10 minutes.

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