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Chapter 2 She who came from the stars

The soul that was occupying Gu Qing Yu’s body at this moment wasn’t Gu Qing Yu herself, but an alien from a planet billions of light years away. She didn’t have a name, because she was the last person alive in their civilization and had lived too long, so long that she had forgotten whether she had ever had a name.

“Just because a video you chose to give up your life? How on earth did such a fragile life reproduce for so many generations?”

‘She’ extracted the memory from the deepest part of Gu Qing Yu’s brain, puzzled.

Each individual of her civilization treasured life very much. In order to survive, they used all their power to share the remaining life on top of different spaceships, looking for a planet that was suitable for survival in the vast universe, but she was the only one left on her spaceship. In order to save energy, she had been in a dormant state until it was time to enter the solar system, when the spaceship had exhausted nearly all the energy…

When she was awakened by the intelligent spaceship system, she thought she was about to turn into the dust of the universe after running out of energy like the rest of her kind, but unexpectedly, she found earth, a suitable planet before the energy was exhausted…

However, there were too many creatures on this planet and her form was too special. In order to prevent humans from discovering her anomaly and capturing her for study, she could only reside temporarily in a human…

“What a fragile body.”

‘She’ looked at the exposed bones of her knees that were badly mangled with disgust.

The moment the original Gu Qing Yu jumped off the building, ‘she’ had already entered her body but because her control of it wasn’t so flexible and the human flesh was also really fragile, she who should have landed steadily fell to the ground and because she couldn’t withstand the huge impact, was injured.

Scanning the body with her naked eye, she found that her leg was broken. If she’d had enough energy like she did before, she would have been able to heal it in less than 10 seconds, but at this moment, she had used up all her energy to ran to the earth in a desperate attempt to enter this body, so she didn’t have any energy at all. In other words, her leg had to stay broken.

An unfamiliar feeling of pain struck and ‘she’ frowned. She tried to walk forward but fell backwards. In addition to the pain coming from the broken leg, she could also feel that the body was still rejecting her intrusion.

“Gu Qing Yu, you can leave without worries, I will find the person who harmed you and make the other party pay the price…. That person, will definitely be more miserable than you were!”

‘She’ spoke faintly to the other soul in her body.

The other party had lost hope in this world and this last struggle was just an instinct coming from not liking the fact that her body was being occupied, but hearing ‘her’ words, the soul dissipated quickly.

‘She’ instantly felt as if something was detached from the inside of her body and the body became much easier to breath in.

‘She’ lowered her eyelashes, chuckling softly.

“From today onwards, I am Gu Qing Yu.”

Gu Qing Yu sat on the ground, eyes closed. If someone was nearby, they would see that something in the air seemed to be entering her body little by little, gathering into her…

After a long time, she opened her eyes, turning her head, “It took six hours to absorb so little energy, this planet’s energy is really scarce….”

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