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Chapter 89 Let go

So, it would take a little longer to help him with his drawings, but it was worth it.


Gu Qing Yu agreed.


Zhuang Zi Yi’s eyes lit up at once.

“Then junior sister, after the award ceremony. You can come to our company and take a look around!”

Gu Qing Yu agreed, but she was actually thinking about a problem. After Zhuang Zi Yi left, she asked Fei Fei to summarise the box office of Earth’s animated films in the last ten years and the results piqued her interest. Although animation films in China had only started to develop in recent years, due to the advancement of scripted plots and technology, some of the box office of Chinese animated films could reach several hundred million.

And previous foreign films grossed even more at the box office. For example, the first part of ‘The Snow Princess’ grossed $1.276 billion worldwide, and the sequel grossed $1.443 billion!

It was very lucrative….

With two hours left before the award ceremony, Gu Qing Yu finished watching the first part of ‘Snow Princess’ on her phone as she sat in the underground cafe and summed up a few points that had made it so successful at the box office.

The characters were distinct, the story was simple, the pictures were beautiful and the songs were fantastic. Mothers, along with their children and teenagers would enjoy it. Furthermore, aside from the box office, the spin-offs of such movies sold well, totaling much more than 1.4 billion…..

In that instant, Gu Qing Yu felt that she had found her direction.

It was no longer about earning hundreds of thousands. Rather, she had found a much bigger direction!

She wanted to make animated films!

With her technique and drawing skills it was absolutely possible that she could even do it without relying on anyone. She could make a film that was more beautiful than any other animated film on earth, a film with much more stunning special effects!

But for now, it was better to collect her award first.

She wasn’t even surprised when she won first place in the oil painting category. The 100,000 yuan prize and trophy were handed out straight away and coolly on the spot and despite the fact that a certain amount of tax had to be deducted, it was still quite a lot. Even so, it was still too little for her.

But she’d found her way now. There was no need to rush to build a lab; she had to make money first and if money was to be made from animated movies, it would be necessary to buy and modify a working intelligent brain that was only available on their planet. Fortunately she had the necessary technology. After all, there was nothing but energy on their planet. All other knowledge and technology was shared and almost everyone could research and make things on their own that the people of Earth couldn’t even imagine.

Although some of the parts needed were simply not available on Earth as raw materials, making it so that she could only produce a rather backward intelligent brain, it would still be far more advanced to make animated movies than the ones on Earth and that, was enough.

And this prize money, was enough for her to create an intelligent brain.

Receiving the prize happily, she was about to leave when she was reminded that she had to stay for a group picture. She was a little annoyed, but she stayed anyways because she saw Mu Xuan Qing!

Why was he here?

Her eyes lighting up, she stood up from her seat and walked behind Mu Xuan Qing who was outside surreptitiously, hugging him tightly!

Mu Xuan Qing had actually noticed her coming a long time ago and was almost certain that she was sneaking around because she wanted to scare him.

So he didn’t move, only waiting slowly and deliberately for her to scare him, but to his surprise, instead of scaring him, she hugged him from behind!

His body stiffened, then quickly relaxed again.

“Let go.”

Mu Xuan Qing’s voice was somewhat helpless.

If Chen Ran had heard his voice at this moment, he would definitely be very surprised.

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