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Chapter 291 The heavens were so unfair!

They were both married yet she was still calling him Sir. The relationship between Gu Qing Yu and her husband was definitely not good!

Shao Zi Han coughed, feeling as if he was about to vomit blood from having been dropped so hard just now.

He was infuriated. He didn’t expect that even though Gu Qing Yu looked so soft and weak, she was actually so strong, moreover this force….. He had always known that she was a wildcat that was hard to tame, which was why he had given up on her in the first place, but now it seemed that she had the capital to be a wildcat. Who made her the daughter of the Shen family?

Thinking this way, Shao Zi Han looked up at Mu Xuan Qing but was momentarily dumbstruck.

The legendary Sir….

How come he was so handsome?

Shao Zi Han had seen Mu Xuan Qing’s pictures online earlier, but he had thought they had all been touched. How could any magnate CEO look so handsome? He already had so much, so the heavens were fair, giving him a perfect family, but not a handsome face. It was the same as him; not giving him a rich family, but giving him good looks.

But at this moment, after seeing Mu Xuan Qing’s face clearly, Shao Zi Han suddenly felt a sense of indignation. Why were the heavens so unfair? Even if they gave Mu Xuan Qing such a good family background, did they also have to give him such a perfect face?

Just now he thought that Gu Qing Yu had been trying to allow him more leeway first in order to keep a tighter rein on him afterwards or that she had been concerned about the interests of her family or something, but at this moment, Shao Zi Han suddenly felt that Gu Qing Yu might really have no feelings for him. After all, her Sir was so handsome, imposing, had a good family background and was said to be a closed disciple of Master Bai Xiuqi, just like her….

After all, it was only natural that she liked such a perfect man.

Shao Zi Han was a bit devastated. Why couldn’t he be born with everything like Mu Xuan Qing? If he were Mu Xuan Qing, why would he have to work so hard to please those women? Afraid even someone like Gu Qing Yu, who had always looked down on him, would have approached him on her own initiative….

The jealousy and resentment in Shao Zi Han’s eyes was so obvious that Mu Xuan Qing looked at him coldly. He had heard their conversation even before he had walked over. After all, under Gu Qing Yu’s guidance, he had become more proficient in the use of the energy in his body, hence he could clearly hear the conversation that had been taking place over here even from a few dozen meters away.

This bedbug-like, insignificant and disgusting nonentity…. oh, no, little white boy actually tried to seduce his wife? Heh, did he think he didn’t exist?

Mu Xuan Qing naturally didn’t take people like Shao Zi Han seriously, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be angry.

“How dare a piece of trash like you touch my wife’s hand? Are you worthy to speak to her and breathe the same air in the same room as her?” Mu Xuan Qing’s aura was so strong that Shao Zi Han actually felt that he was unable to speak under his gaze, cold sweat breaking out on his body.

When had he…. arrived? How much had he heard?

Shao Zi Han cried out in his heart. The chance for him to see Gu Qing Yu might be just this once, that was why he had said those words here directly. If it had been to other ladies like the ones in the past, before saying such things to them, he would usually draw their attention first and then find a suitable reason to invite them to a more private occasion. There was absolutely no way that their husbands would hear, but this time however, he never expected that Mu Xuan Qing would come to pick Gu Qing Yu up in person.

Besides, wasn’t it a fact that couples from these kinds of wealthy families were always a couple on the surface, but in private only respectful to each other? And, weren’t they rich people? It wasn’t hard for a rich man to hire his own chauffeur, right? Unexpectedly he had come in person and even heard what he had just said….

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