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Chapter 167 Mar… marry?

As Wei Ling Ling looked at Gu Qing Yu now, she felt like she was a tire without air that couldn’t go on anymore.

Earlier, she’d been hostile to Gu Qing Yu and had even treated her as a love rival or something, but now it seemed…

She had her own boyfriend and he was definitely no worse than hers, but the point was, her boyfriend didn’t seem to be jealous at all, what’s more his affection and cordiality towards Gu Qing Yu seemed to be purely because of her movies, which she wouldn’t have believed before, but after seeing Gu Qing Yu’s work for herself today, she was convinced by it…

Wei Ling Ling looked at Gu Qing Yu who had changed into flat shoes, biting her chopsticks in a daze.

She had been jealous before, was it because…

She knew that she wasn’t as good as Gu Qing Yu?

Because Gu Qing Yu was beautiful, so beautiful that even she, a woman, looked at her twice? Because her family wasn’t bad, and she was also very strong? Was it because her boyfriend said that he saw Gu Qing Yu’s paintings at an international art competition and found a way to meet her, and because Gu Qing Yu won the first prize in the oil painting category…

Gu Qing Yu had beauty and strength and she didn’t lack anything, nevertheless to be liked by Zhuang Zi Yi, she herself was naturally not bad, but this not bad had become ordinary in front of Gu Qing Yu, that was why she was jealous of Gu Qing Yu and suspected that she had something going on with her boyfriend?

Wei Ling Ling blinked. This won’t do. If in the future any woman better than her appeared next to Zhuang Zi Yi, would she continue to be wary and hostile to them and even lose her mind and do something wrong to them? If so how could she and Zhuang Zi Yi go far?

In the past, the comfort of the school campus and Zhuang Zi Yi’s devotion to her made her feel no sense of crisis, until now, when a Gu Qing Yu appeared who was better than her in every way that she finally felt it…

She had to become stronger!

She had to become worthy of Zhuang Zi Yi, to become the kind of person who believed that Zhuang Zi Yi would be blind if he abandoned her for someone else!

That was the way it had to be.

Wei Ling Ling made up her mind.

“You’re going to break the chopsticks!”

Zhuang Zi Yi’s gentle voice rang out and Wei Ling Ling froze for a moment, then she saw him remove the chopsticks and put a piece of beef to her mouth, ” What are you staring in a daze for, eat!”

Wei Ling Ling looked at him. She was quiet for a few seconds then suddenly said, “I will become better.”

“Hmm?” Zhuang Zi Yi was stunned.

Wei Ling Ling’s eyes firmed, “If we break up in the future, I’ll let everyone know that you’re the one who’s blind!”

“Hmm?” This time Zhuang Zi Yi’s tone became more dangerous. He stared at her with narrowed eyes, “Here I was planning to marry you next year, and you’re thinking of breaking up?”

Wei Ling Ling was dumbfounded.

“Mar… marry?”

“Yes, we have been dating for five or six years and now my career is on the rise, so I don’t have much time for the time being, but next year, it will definitely be different…. By then, I can also use my Ling Yi animation to propose to you… And I won’t be despised by your dad for being just an uneducated rich kid…. I’ve planned so much for our future and I’m still working on it, and you’re thinking of breaking up?”

Zhuang Zi Yi took the beef back and put it into his mouth, biting hard as he glared at her, “There’s no more for you to eat.”


Wei Ling Ling looked at the man in front of her and suddenly realized that she had really walked into a dead end.

If it hadn’t been for Gu Qing Yu’s phone call just now, if she hadn’t just figured it out herself, she might have really done something to Gu Qing Yu because she had been stimulated by Zhuang Jing…

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5 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Congrats to Wei Ling Ling for waking up. It’s a blessing to realize what she has before she loses it.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. good. finally a woman with sense int this novel. i was slowly preparing myself to drop this bc of how seemingly all women aside from fl are vile creatures. i wish that wei ling ling would have thought to be strong for herself and not for a man but eh… beggars can’t be choosers

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