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Chapter 9 Doubts

He froze, feeling her distance as well as her fragrance. His eyes flashed again.

Ten minutes later, at a roadside stall near the factory, a man and a woman with very good looks were sitting at a small table outside. The man sitting in front of the woman hadn’t touched his food. It wasn’t that he disliked this kind of roadside stall, but every time new blood was generated was when he was most vulnerable. At this moment as he kept coughing uncomfortably with his mouth filled with the fishy smell of blood, he simply couldn’t eat anything at all.

The skinny woman in front of him, on the other hand, had seven empty bowls piled up in front of her, and she was now on the eighth bowl.

This was Mu Xuan Qing’s first time seeing a woman who could eat like this.

He stared at the beautiful but petite woman in front of him, wondering how such a small body could hold so much food? Moreover, judging from her clothes, her family situation was definitely not bad. How could she appear alone in the middle of the night in such an abandoned factory with a leg injury that even he thought was hideous but she wasn’t in a hurry to treat it but wanted to eat instead?

The surrounding passers-by and the stall owner also look at Gu Qing Yu from time to time, not for anything else other than the fact that she was too good at eating! Futhermore, these two were extremely attractive, but they were covered in a myriad of colorful bruises. It was really hard not to be curious…

Gu Qing Yu knew that she had attracted a lot of curious eyes, but after entering this body, she found that this body was weak to an extremely terrifying degree. She had just thrown a few bricks and not only was the palm of her hand frayed, this thin arm actually started to tremble. She almost couldn’t even hold the chopsticks just now.

Oh, of course, one of the reasons was also because she hadn’t used chopsticks before.

After all, the people on her planet didn’t need to eat, they just absorbed energy directly.

Fortunately, the people on her planet had a very terrifying ability to learn and imitate. She’d just watched how the guests at the next table used their chopsticks for a little while and after a short period of adaptation, was able to use them familiarly, making it completely impossible for anyone to tell that this was her first time using chopsticks!

At least, Mu Xuan Qing in front of her couldn’t tell. He only thought it was because she was injured that was why she couldn’t hold on to it firmly at the beginning. He didn’t even have slightest idea that Gu Qing Yu had just learned how to clamp the noodles and learned how to use the condiments on the table from him.

The feeling of hunger was completely new to Gu Qing Yu. From this body’s memory, she knew that she hadn’t slept since she found out that the video was on the hot search last night, and that she hadn’t drank a drop of water since this morning until now.

Already suffering from hypoglycemia, after the violent emotional ups and downs and near collapse, she even began to have a burning pain in her stomach.

The man in front of her had wanted to invite her to a better restaurant for dinner, but she refused…

She just wanted to eat food quickly.

Tut, human beings were too troublesome. People on their planet didn’t need to eat at all, they only needed energy…..

Just as she was thinking this way, she ate her first bite of the food on earth, a few noodles…

Then, she couldn’t stop.

Why was the food on earth so delicious?! Weren’t noodles made of just wheat flour? How could it taste so special? And what was in the soup that made it so tasty?

The most important thing was that after she ate a bowl of noodles, she found that her stomach warmed up and her whole body became warm and comfortable, as if energy was being filled in little by little.

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