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Chapter 121 Hearts linked as one

Seeing her true, clean heartache touched him, and he seemed to remember how he used to be a long time ago when he had needed someone else’s warmth…

But now he was the powerful, mysterious Sir to others, the Sir who didn’t need anyone to feel distress for him, moreover no one else would.

Only she dared.

Her heartache suddenly made him feel like he was back to who he was when he wasn’t so strong but true to himself…..

So he gave himself a reward.

A reward that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

He had clearly not wanted to drag her into his already incredibly complicated life.

But in this moment his heart ached for himself, not wanting him to let go of this woman who was distressed for him….

The reward wasn’t for her, it was for himself.

Did he regret it?

It seems….

Yes, he regretted it.

But would he do it again?

Yes, he would.

He would still do it.

So there was no point in regretting it….

After straightening out his thoughts, he stood up and walked to the door but as soon as he pulled it open, he met Gu Qing Yu’s eyes.

His eyes flashed.

Gu Qing Yu stared at him with a shimmering light in her dark eyes, “Sir I thought about it and it seems I haven’t given you a gift in return yet.”

Hadn’t she…..

Already given herself to him?

This phrase flashed through Mu Xuan Qing’s mind and then he realized that Gu Qing Yu was really powerful. She was so bold that she didn’t even blink when she said these words justifiably and had actually brainwashed him, causing even him to unconsciously say such words.

Luckily, he hadn’t really said them out loud…..

The knot in his throat moving, he asked, “Then what gift are you going to give me in return? Little junior sister~”

When the words ‘Little junior sister’ came out of his mouth, they sounded hoarse and seductive.

Gu Qing Yu only felt like her heart was being scratched by a small claw as it tickled.

Mu Xuan Qing thought she had come over to flirt with him again, perhaps for another….


But unexpectedly, she had her hand behind her back like she was hiding something and then she pulled out some kind of a roll of something….

She handed it to him with a smile on her face, two light dimples appearing on her cheeks: ”Sir~ our hearts are really linked as one! Now, I’m giving myself to you!”

With that she took the syringe and turned to leave, “So, Sir, see you next time!”

She was in a rush to carry out experiments on his blood. Hmm, now that they were in the same neighborhood, although one was in the south and the other north, it didn’t matter. They were now just a walking distance from each other.

Gu Qing Yu left.

Mu Xuan Qing opened the scroll in his hand and saw Gu Qing Yu’s portrait….

It turns out that her return gift was the same as the one he had given her, both painted by themselves….

A portrait of her for him as he had done for her.


Their hearts were really linked as one.

He looked into the eyes of Gu Qing Yu who looked animated in the portrait and stretched out his hand to carefully brush it across her lips….

What to do? She’d only just left and he suddenly missed her a little.

After experimenting all night, Gu Qing Yu found that Mu Xuan Qing’s blood was really something special and different from that of ordinary humans beings’.

There was indeed a special ingredient in his blood, but she couldn’t figure out what it was, and according to Earth’s chemical knowledge, wasn’t this ingredient supposed to be harmful to the body?

But even after pulling an all nighter, she still couldn’t figure it out.

She was a little frustrated, but it didn’t matter. There was a limit to the amount of blood that could be drawn from a human, moreover she now really considered Mu Xuan Qing as hers so she didn’t want to drain his blood….

She would be devastated if he died.

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