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Chapter 286 Gu Qing Yu had left them far behind

In their eyes, Gu Qing Yu was probably the same as what the netizens had guessed before, that she had already become a tool for marriage, marrying an old man she didn’t love, or that she was just like them, an ordinary person who had gotten married and had children, gradually disappearing into obscurity……

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that a few years later, Gu Qing Yu would be back in the news and that she would be at the top of the list, becoming an existence beyond their reach and that they would be thrown so far behind that she wouldn’t even deign to give them a second glance.

Duan Xing Yuan was filled with mixed emotions as he looked at everything about Gu Qing Yu on the hot search. It turned out that at a time when he wasn’t aware, Gu Qing Yu had become so powerful and was now no longer the daughter of the richest man in the small city that the Duan family despised; she had grown to be on par with the Mu family and now, even he, although in the career he was most proud of, had been crushed by her.

When Sun Caiyu came out of the bathroom and saw him looking at his phone, she lowered her eyelashes.

She had also seen the hot search.

After all, this time Gu Qing Yu and Sir were constantly on the hot search and everyone in her circle was talking about it and regretting that they hadn’t helped Gu Qing Yu when she was down and out, regretting that they hadn’t become good friends with her beforehand or that they hadn’t gotten together with Mu Xuan Qing before Gu Qing Yu did.

Those people were simply daydreaming.

They didn’t understand Gu Qing Yu nor did they understand Sir.

Although she hadn’t met either of them very often, the few times she had showed Sun Caiyu that Gu Qing Yu was different from the rumors. She knew that her father felt guilt towards her mother and that he would agree to whatever she asked for– even if she wanted to be the daughter of the Sun family, but she only asked him to never look for her again, because the sight of him reminded her of her mother.

Her father’s expression had paled when he heard those words and at that moment, Sun Caiyu understood that Gu Qing Yu’s words were a form of revenge against her father on behalf of her mother.

Such a woman, no matter what she accomplished, she seemed to be able to believe it.

The people in her circle of friends thought Gu Qing Yu got to where she was today because of the Mu and Shen families, but Sun Caiyu felt that all the achievements Gu Qing Yu had attained were all her own doing.

Moreover all those who fantasized that before Gu Qing Yu came along something could have happened between them and Mu Xuan Qing were even more idiotic.

She had only met Sir once, but on that one occasion, she could see clearly that Sir only had eyes for Gu Qing Yu and that everyone else, no matter who they were, he just treated them as if they were scenery.

How could such a person be easily seduced by the superficial women in her circle of friends?

Sun Caiyu looked at Duan Xing Yuan, who seemed to have just noticed her coming out. His expression stiffening, he quickly tossed his phone aside.

This scene was very familiar. Back then he’d had a fight with his ex-wife because he had been looking at Gu Qing Yu’s pictures on his phone and her hot searches, and then the two of them cheated on each other and eventually divorced.

Duan Xing Yuan didn’t want to get into that kind of trouble again.

Fortunately, Sun Caiyu wasn’t like Mu Ai. Mu Ai got angry with him on the spot, but Sun Caiyu acted like it was nothing, smiling as she lay down on the bed and looked at him, “Xing Yuan, Dad wants us to have a baby soon…… “

Looking at her, Duan Xing Yuan’s heart warmed up and he left the matter of Gu Qing Yu behind, “…. okay.”

Duan Xing Yuan and Sun Caiyu really stopped paying attention to Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu slowly.

But many others, knowing what Gu Qing Yu had achieved, simply couldn’t let go of such a good springboard.

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