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Chapter 285 A day to witness history

A fifty year old director saying ‘please please’ to Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu, who looked no older than thirty years old was so out of character that netizens became even more curious. Who was this President Mu that he could make these big shots know about their relationship, but not dare say anything?

It could only be said that the bigwigs didn’t gossip, but the bigwigs using the words ‘dare not’, just how scary was Mu Xuan Qing’s power that they dared not? Even towards the Shen family who were so powerful overseas, they wouldn’t treat them with such fear and trepidation.

The bigwigs usually kept a low profile but after being sectioned by the netizens, everyone else was stunned.

Big names in the field of aviation, famous physicists, famous botanists, an environmental agency, famous painters, retired kings…. and all kinds of mysterious organizations with official accounts, all came under the two people’s posts and blew all kinds of rainbow farts that made the netizens feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Then, it was also revealed that Fei Fei’s Studio which had become almost their biggest success in the film industry in the past few years was actually founded by Gu Qing Yu herself and that at the beginning, it was Gu Qing Yu herself who did the special effects for Zhuang Zi Yi and Shen Ruiyi’s movies!

The film industry was amazed, but compared to the contributions Gu Qing Yu made to holographic technology and medical technology, this special effects was much more mundane. However the die-hard fans of Fei Fei’s Studio went crazy, even the passers-by were astounded; after all, if one watched a movie these days, there was no way one could avoid movies that Fei Fei’s Studio was involved in.

Overnight, the top fifty Weibo searches were dominated by Mu Xuan Qing, Gu Qing Yu and the bigwigs in their Weibo comments section, and almost all of them were ‘explosive’.

The first microblogger to speak out couldn’t help but rejoice: “It’s a good thing we worked with one of Sir’s tech companies and they sent someone to upgrade our program, otherwise Weibo would have crashed by now….”

The programmers who couldn’t get off work were in tears, “Today is a day of history, I think all my KPIs for the year were met in one day today….”

Who would have thought that Gu Qing Yu, who was once ridiculed by countless people and thought to be dependent on men using her beauty, would have made it this far?

Mu Xuan Qing was fine, because in the eyes of those who knew him, he was a miraculous and unbelievable existence, so it wasn’t surprising that he could do anything. They were just surprised that Mu Xuan Qing showed weakness in front of Gu Qing Yu, after all, although many of them knew that Mu Xuan Qing doted on Gu Qing Yu, they all thought that in the marriage, Gu Qing Yu was in a relatively weak position, but now from Mu Xuan Qing’s statement, it seemed to be the opposite?

The bigwigs who only knew that Mu Xuan Qing was powerful but not that Gu Qing Yu was also powerful, suddenly had a new perception of Gu Qing Yu’s position.

It seemed Gu Qing Yu shouldn’t be treated like an ordinary lady in the future.

And the people who knew Gu Qing Yu from before….

Were even more mystified.

When Gu Qing Yu was in front of them, they only thought that she was a delicate rich girl, maybe a little talented in painting, then there was the scandal that made the hot search and it seemed that she even started an online celebrity company? After that, she disappeared into obscurity.

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