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Chapter 310 It can’t be that something has happened to her right?

The director swallowed, cold sweat running down his face.

He was the one who had let Mu Ai in in the first place. If he had known that Mu Ai and Madam’s relationship was that average, he wouldn’t have dared to do so even if it meant upsetting Mu Xuan Yang.

But he didn’t dare hide it. He could only tell Gu Qing Yu how Mu Ai got in, however Gu Qing Yu wasn’t angry, she just wondered if Mu Ai was already being controlled by No. 00. Was she still herself now? It didn’t seem like it, judging by what she had done in the half month she had been here….. and although No. 00 had killed a lot of people and taken their remaining energy, the fact that those people would show up in C Country to find him meant that there wasn’t much energy left, so even if he had killed more people, there was a limit to how much energy he could get.

Which meant he might not be able to take Mu Ai’s body completely, but now that he had used Mu Ai to get what he wanted, Mu Ai was probably in danger!

Although Gu Qing Yu didn’t like Mu Ai, Mu Ai was a member of the Mu family, so how could No.00 just kill her?

Gu Qing Yu rushed to call Mu Xuan Qing who, with a cold expression, had someone start looking for Mu Ai’s whereabouts.

Mu Xuan Yang only found out about this when he heard that Mu Xuan Qing was looking for Mu Ai. He immediately went to Mu Xuan Lin with a pale face. How was he to know that just shoving his daughter into the Research Institute to be a receptionist would cause such trouble? Mu Ai actually stole Gu Qing Yu’s research results?! This was a lab that was being watched by the people at the top….

He was simply going crazy. Mu Xuan Lin’s face sank after he heard this. “Who told you to put her in there? Even if it’s the front desk, it’s Xuan Qing and our sister-in-law’s research institute, not somewhere we outsiders can interfere with. I think you are too idle lately, that’s why you have the heart to think about these messy things!”

Mu Xuan Yang’s face was pale, “What should I do now? The Research Institute called and said Mu Ai is missing and I can’t reach her now either….. It can’t be that something has happened to her right?”

Although Mu Xuan Yang regarded his daughter as a tool, Mu Ai was still his daughter, so he was worried.

Mu Xuan Lin’s face was heavy, “Find a way to contact her and when you do, talk to Xuan Qing immediately…..”

Mu Xuan Yang nodded, dazed.

At the other end, Mu Ai felt a bit odd. After successfully entering the room designated by the system, she hadn’t been able to open the strange devices at all however just then, the system said that it would come to the forefront. As this wasn’t the first time that the system had used her body, Mu Ai didn’t think much about it and just relinquished control of her body. By the time she came back to her senses, the system had already gotten what it wanted and escaped.

Then she heard the sound of the alarm and the panic of the people in the lab and realized after thinking about it that she was in trouble!

“System? System, what’s going on? Even if you want to steal something, you can’t make such a big deal out of it. Now that the cameras have caught our actions, Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu will definitely find out that I did it. What will I do then…..”

Mu Ai was talking to it in her head, but No.00 was enjoying the feeling of energy surging through him after receiving a lot of energy and after his body was finally starting to recover, so he ignored her completely.

Mu Ai was a young miss, how could she stand being ignored? She said irritably, “Come out first and let me go out and explain to my dad…”

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