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Chapter 172 Three days?

[The Summit] was a sci-fi blockbuster which would undoubtedly require a lot of special effects, and the movie had the most powerful actors and actresses in the country starring in it as well as having had the script also written by a veteran screenwriter who had written many award-winning scripts. With such a large investment, it could be imagined the high expectations LILA had for it. They intended to release the movie on this year’s National Day, hence had been selecting a suitable special effects company during this period of time.

Originally, LILA had decided to spend a lot of money to hire an experienced special effects team in Hollywood to do it, but the special effects team over in Hollywood were too expensive. They calculated the money by the second, and the average second cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was really not something the average company could afford. Even a large movie and television company like LILA, when considering hiring a special effects team in Hollywood, had to grit its teeth and shed a lot of blood…

And [The Summit] required so much special effects and the big scenes added up to at least ten minutes, so the movie’s special effects could casually be in the hundreds of millions by then…

This was a huge amount of money.

If the movie flopped and the box office wasn’t as high as they had expected, then they would lose a lot of money!

That was why this time they were so careful and cautious as they selected and had already chosen a very famous special effects team, but because the other side’s price was really too high, they kept pushing and pulling, creating a sort of tug of war, but the other side’s attitude was very firm in that they weren’t going to lower their price. LILA was actually just going through the motions, because they knew in their hearts that they would probably have to compromise in the end.

But then the tide turned and out of nowhere came Fei Fei’s Studio.

At first, LILA didn’t dare approach Fei Fei’s Studio, after all, an animated movie was one thing, and a live action movie was another. They didn’t want to invest so much money only to end up losing money because of the special effects.

However, Gu Qing Yu seemed to be well aware of their concerns and directly asked Zhuang Zi Yi to tell them that Fei Fei’s Studio could do some of the special effects for [The Summit] for them first and then they could pay if they were satisfied with the results and not pay a penny if they weren’t.

In turn, Gu Qing Yu said she needed only three days to show them the first part of the special effects.

“Three days? Are you kidding me! Three days might only produce a few seconds of footage!” LILA’s producer didn’t agree, but Shen Ruiyi, LILA’s young boss who had seen their animated movie and become a fan of Fei Fei’s Studio as well as Lingyi Animations, laughed and convinced him:

“A few seconds clips will be enough. With just a few seconds we would know how well they’ve done and besides, we aren’t short of these three days.”

That was also true. The Hollywood side was asking for too much and with the current tug-of-war, it would be at least another week before a contract could be signed, so they really weren’t short of these three days.

Moreover, Fei Fei’s studio was really honest, saying directly that they could choose to not pay if they didn’t do a good job, showing that they seemed to have enough self-confidence.

The producer hesitated for a moment, then nodded his head.

When Gu Qing Yu got the clip of the movie, she smiled a little and sat down in front of the smart brain she had modified once again.

Three days?

There was no need at all.

LILA, probably afraid that the movie would be circulated, only gave her some clips, and probably thinking that in three days their studio couldn’t do much at all, actually gave her only a thirty-second clip, mentioning some requirements and telling her what kind of special effects the studio needed to do.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Only a 30 second clip?! LILA is going to regret they didn’t give her more footage.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Hmm, it does bother me she doesn’t use her tech to her advantage hacking wise. If she needs power she can use that

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