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Chapter 92 You know what I want

Little junior sister…

Mu Xuan Qing’s heart stirred as he stared at the clean and clear but vibrant eyes of the girl in front of him.

Now, between them…

There was a relationship now.

Little junior sister…

They had a senior brother, junior sister relationship.

Lowering his eyes, he asked, “Little junior sister, what do you want?”

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes glowed, “Whatever I want, will senior brother….. give it to me?”

Her voice was already soft and sweet, and when she said the words ‘senior brother’, she deliberately stretched it out, the ends of her words sounding glutinous, tugging at his heartstrings, making him feel that itch in his heart to do something to her again….

He said calmly as his adam’s apple rolled, “It depends on what you want.”

Gu Qing Yu stared at him, then said with a smile, “You know what I want.”

She wanted…



Being stared at with such hot eyes, Mu Xuan Qing actually felt his ears start to heat up. He turned his face away and stopped talking.

The interest in Bai Xiuqi’s eyes deepened as he looked at them. Even as a child, he had never seen Mu Xuan Qing look like this before. It seemed it wouldn’t be difficult for his new disciple to take down his elder disciple.

As he liked both children, he was happy to see this happen. He smiled and said to Gu Qing Yu, “Come, let’s take a group picture, and then master will treat the two of you to dinner!”

“I should treat Master,” Gu Qing Yu knew the etiquette, “Besides, I’m the host and you’re the guest in S City so it’s natural that I treat you.”

Bai Xiuqi nodded with a smile, “Good, it just so happens that your second senior brother is also here today, you can invite him along with and we’ll perform the ceremony with him there tonight.”

Gu Qing Yu nodded, went in, took a picture with the winners and the judges and was about to leave with Bai Xiuqi, when Shao Zihan looked at her, “Qing Yu, where are you going?”

Gu Qing Yu didn’t mention the matter of her accepting Bai Xiuqi as her master, after all, she preferred to live a low-key life, especially since she had already been in the news a lot because of that video, and now if anything happened, she would continue to be in the spotlight. It would be bad if her reputation affected Bai Xiuqi, who had been spotless all his life.

Hence she just smiled, “My family is coming to pick me up, I won’t be going back to school, remember to tell the teacher for me.”

Shao Zihan stared at her back, his head lowered, his gaze dark.

From afar, Mu Ai trembled as she watched Gu Qing Yu run briskly to a low-profile black car.

Just now, in the middle of the award ceremony, both Mr. Bai and Gu Qing Yu had disappeared for a while, then came back together and when the group picture was taken at the end, Mr. Bai had pulled Gu Qing Yu to his side and the way he had looked at her was as loving as if he was looking at his child, and now, the car that Gu Qing Yu had gotten into, if she wasn’t mistaken, was the car of the man Mr. Bai had gone to look for earlier…..

It was clear that she had won first place in the Chinese painting category, but Mr. Bai only gave her a few words of encouragement when presenting the award, without even saying that she should get ready to accept him as her master…..

Mu Ai wasn’t stupid, she was almost certain that Bai Xiuqi really liked Gu Qing Yu and intended to take her as his disciple.

But why?

She was the one who had been personally instructed by Mr. Bai for several years, and she was the first in the Chinese painting category, so why would Mr. Bai look for Gu Qing Yu?

Gu Qing Yu…..

What was so special about her that made both Bai Xiuqi and Duan Xing Yuan like her so much?

Her eyes filled with jealousy and hatred, she looked at the people who were dispersing gradually and turned her head towards destroy Gu Qing Yu’s painting, wanting to destroy it!

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. It’s not what she has, it’s what she doesn’t have. She doesn’t have a heart as malicious as yours to hate with all her being those that are better than her. She’s the type to accept a loss and move on.

  2. this baffles me. mr. bai has already had alien gu as his disciple, a destroyed painting wouldn’t really change that. what exactly is her goal here. sure the painting probably won’t win if destroyed but there’s always next year. it’ll just encite pity and support to those who actually saw the painting. giving her even more opportunities.

    1. But the painting has already won the competition, it’s the first place at that, so what this Mu Ai will do is just a futile attempt at temper tantrum.

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