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Chapter 149 The rumors about her being with Sir was absolutely false!

However bleak the picture of Gu Qing Yu was, was how smug Mu Ai was.

So what if she had Duan Xing Yuan’s heart? So what if she succeeded in becoming the last disciple of Master Bai Xiuqi? She was still in this predicament and could only go out with men of this caliber…..

Mu Ai was so happy that she even thought that Gu Qing Yu was having such a miserable time. She thought to herself, the rumors about her and Sir was probably false!

If she really had something going on with Sir, why would Gu Wen Qiang take her to this kind of occasion to do such a degrading thing and why would Sir allow his woman to be touched by another man?

Which meant that the rumors about her being with Sir was absolutely false!

Since it wasn’t true, then her uncle and dad wouldn’t stop she and her mother from doing anything to Gu Qing Yu, right? Yes, as long as they got to know that her father had taken her to see other men today, they would realize that they were wrong, because how could Sir be attracted to such a woman?

For the first time since her hand was damaged, Mu Ai was so happy and in such a good mood that she was looking forward to tonight even more.

She got to spend the night with such a wonderful man like Duan Xing Yuan, but what about Gu Qing Yu? She was only drowning in misery! Such joy….

With this feeling floating about, Mu Ai pushed open the door of the bathroom, not expecting that Duan Xing Yuan, who had just flirted with her earlier and said he would wait for her to come out, had completely forgotten about her existence.

He hadn’t even thought of taking a shower as he sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with his hair in a mess, looking at his cell phone.

The picture on the screen of his cell phone was the same as the one she had just seen in the bathroom….

Looking at Duan Xing Yuan’s lost expression, Mu Ai’s delicate and beautiful face twisted…

Gu, Qing, Yu!

How come she was even haunting her on engagement night and coming between her and Duan Xing Yuan!

With a cold expression, she deliberately made a little noise, startling Duan Xing Yuan who lifted his head, clearly in a trance…

What, he had even forgotten what they were planning to do?

Duan Xing Yuan stood up with a flash of anger in his eyes, but his body, which was still a little hot from his male instincts, was now extremely calm.

However he still forced a smile and said, “Rest first, I’ll go take a shower.”


Watching as he walked straight into the bathroom, Mu Ai smashed her cell phone down hard.

Da** it!

And at this moment, on the other side of the ocean, Gu Qing Chen who had just woken up smiled softly as she saw the new pictures she had received in her email….

“You’re on the hot search…. Sure enough, Gu Qing Yu, with a father like this, you and I are bound to be tools for profit…. Only, my mother sacrificed a little for me, that’s why I’m able to have a few years of respite, but what about you?”

Gu Qing Chen sneered at the red-eyed Gu Qing Yu in the picture as she said mockingly, “You will be his tool before he uses me, only this time he has found a little bit of conscience to find a young and rich man for you….”

She gritted her teeth, her eyes chilly, “The eldest young master of the Chen family owns a lot of the Gu Group’s shares…. so even though he’s not all that handsome, you’ll still be able to live well if you marry him, who made you have a face that makes men so obsessed?”

“But, Gu Qing Yu, don’t dream of becoming the Youngest Madam of the Chen family so smoothly! I’m going to ruin you so that you’ll never find a good match, just like me!”

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