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Chapter 15 Weibo detonated.

Compared to Gu Qing Chen, Gu Qing Yu’s current body was naturally more beautiful and had a better figure.

When Gu Qing Chen noticed Shen Cheng’s intentions, she actually said that she would help him get Gu Qing Yu and also introduced a WeChat account with the name ‘Gu Qing Yu’ to him, and the avatar and information of the account was correct. The woman looked exactly like her, but it was clearly not her!

Gu Qing Yu chuckled lightly, really interesting…

So where did Gu Qing Chen find someone who looked exactly like her? Even letting the woman go on a date with Shen Cheng pretending to be her? After Shen Cheng took the video and uploaded it online, the woman was obviously scared, but after learning that everyone online thought that the ‘her’ in the video was Gu Qing Yu, her anxiety fizzled out as she relaxed slowly.

Gu Qing Yu was someone with a straightforward character. She didn’t bother using any roundabout means. She directly took screenshots of all their conversations and saved them, as well as the plastic surgery records of Lin Han Jiao who’d had surgery to look like her, and then…

Dumped all the evidence on Weibo!

At this moment, when everyone had just woken up, Gu Qing Yu used technical means to directly hack Weibo, making her Weibo the number one in the hot search and the number one in the recommended hot feeds.

Early risers who swiped through Weibo noticed it at once. Gu Qing Yu had been on the hot search only yesterday and this was the time when attention was highest so seeing that she had posted on Weibo and mentioned that video, some people who followed the incident yesterday clicked in and were shocked instantly.

“Heavens, my world view has been refreshed!”

“There are actually people who do plastic surgery to become another person in order to date a man….. my three views have been shattered!”

“Am I the only one who noticed that the full name of the ‘Qing Chen’ mentioned is Gu Qing Chen, Gu Qing Yu’s own sister? Tsk tsk, people always talk about plastic sisters, but this is the first time I’m seeing sisters who are so plastic.”

“It’s not surprising, Gu Qing Yu and Gu Qing Chen weren’t born to the same mother. I’m from S City. The Gu family is considered to be the richest in S City, so everyone knows about that little mess.”

“So the woman in the video is really not Gu Qing Yu? But a woman named Lin Han Jiao? Does anyone know where she is from?”

“Tsk tsk, this Lin Han Jiao actually has twenty places done on her body. Isn’t she afraid that her fake face and fake boobs will fall off if she accidentally bumps into something? And this Shen Cheng is really not a picky eater…”

“Stop talking, I guess if Shen Cheng sees Lin Han Jiao’s photos before plastic surgery, he’ll vomit everything he ate last night!”


Weibo suddenly detonated and it was as they expected. At this moment when Shen Cheng saw the picture of Lin Han Jiao online, his face turned blue. When he thought of the fact that he’d had s*x with such an ugly girl, he almost vomited.

“Gu Qing Chen, what do you mean by this?! Even if you don’t want to introduce your sister to me, how dare you get such a fake to toy with me?!” Shen Cheng called Gu Qing Chen angrily to question her.

He couldn’t be blamed for his anger. At first, the person he liked was Gu Qing Chen, but the person Gu Qing Chen liked was Duan Xingyuan, hence she didn’t notice him at all. But then seeing that he now liked Gu Qing Yu, she proposed to introduce him to Gu Qing Yu, but she knew very well that Gu Qing Yu and Duan Xingyuan were in a stable relationship and were already engaged.

So, she introduced Lin Han Jiao to him.

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