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Chapter 108 Perhaps, it was intentional?

Each and every one of these advantages made her hate Gu Qing Yu even more!

People were supposed to be flawed. For example, one of their roommates, Si Si, though she knew how to paint very well, was tall and stout hence the boys treated her like a brother and not as a woman. Another roommate, Xia Zirou, was good looking and gentle, but had an average drawing style, her boyfriend was a nerdy, long limbed student, and her family was said to be average…

Wasn’t everyone supposed to be like this? Like her, her looks could only be described as clean and decent, her drawings could only be described as good, her family could only be described as well-off or above, and she’d never had a boyfriend since she was a child…

Shouldn’t all normal girls be like this?

Then why did Gu Qing Yu have everything?

It didn’t matter if she was beautiful, but she could draw well. Forget it if she painted very well, but her family was rich. Even if her family was rich, she had a handsome, wealthy and loving fiancé…

It was as if all the good things in the world had been taken up by Gu Qing Yu alone.

So she hated Gu Qing Yu, especially when she found out that Shao Zihan, the freshman who had helped carry her luggage had turned around to go make advances at Gu Qing Yu.

When Gu Qing Yu’s scandal had come to light over the summer, Lin Xiaoyi had been able to scold Gu Qing Yu online and at the time had felt relieved, knowing that Gu Qing Yu wasn’t as perfect as she appeared to be.

But who knew that the scandal was fake and that she had been framed? Gu Qing Yu instantly gained the sympathy of countless netizens, and her beauty and good family background made her gain profit from her misfortune. Even a male actor she liked who wasn’t yet very famous also paid attention to Gu Qing Yu…

Jealousy made Lin Xiaoyi’s psyche twisted, so she snuck into the studio in the middle of the night that day and opened the window…

And she succeeded, she ruined Gu Qing Yu’s painting, but to her surprise, Gu Qing Yu quickly remedied the situation and the painting she created after she restored the ruined painting was even better than the original one and she even won the first prize in the Angel Cup oil painting category, giving her great success…

Now, it was obvious that she had been abandoned by her fiancé but she was actually shamelessly having an affair with Shao Zihan! This made Lin Xiaoyi disgusted.

The disgust in Lin Xiaoyi’s eyes couldn’t be hidden from Gu Qing Yu who just smiled as she raised her eyebrows, maintaining her composure, “These are just some new painting tools, I recently wanted challenge myself with Chinese painting.”

The original owner mainly did oil and watercolour paintings and rarely did Chinese paintings, so when she said this, her roommates believed her.

Although they were sometimes curious about what expensive brushes and paints she had bought again, these things were actually just items from those limited edition brands, and their curiosity would die off after seeing them; what’s more even if they were curious, they couldn’t afford to buy these items from the big art brands like Gu Qing Yu did.

With no one paying attention to her anymore, Gu Qing Yu lowered her eyes and stacked a few boxes in the corner.

Inside were some of the materials she would use to make her smart brain. The process of making it was rather special, moreover the original owner definitely didn’t know about it so naturally she couldn’t do it in the dormitory.

But it was also a hassle to go home….

It would be better to find a way to rent a house outside.

There was really no privacy living together and besides, there was Lin Xiaoyi who clearly had ill will towards her.

Speaking of which….

Gu Qing Yu thought about it. The last time her painting was almost destroyed, she hadn’t thought much of it, after all the window might have been opened accidentally and she wasn’t the only one whose painting was destroyed, it was just that her painting would be used for the competition the next day.

So, after saving the painting, she hadn’t thought much of it, but in retrospect, perhaps….

It was intentional?

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