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Chapter 110 Taken the bait

And Gu Qing Yu would probably go after the seller and think that they had not shipped all of the items….

Never mind, she’d wait until Gu Qing Yu opened them.

With this thought in mind, Lin Xiaoyi was about to leave as usual when she noticed that the lock on Gu Qing Yu’s cabinet door which was always locked, was actually just hanging from the top and not locked!

Her heart started to beat faster…..

Her hand reached for the locker uncontrollably…..

In front of the screen, Gu Qing Yu laughed softly.

Sure enough, Lin Xiaoyi had taken the bait she had left behind!

Lin Xiaoyi didn’t know that all what she had done had been recorded by Gu Qing Yu. After packing and neatening herself, she returned to class with her backpack in a calm manner. She had a class to attend and had just slipped back to her dormitory under the pretext of going to the bathroom to use the ladies as her menstrual period had arrived hence Si Si and Xia Zirou didn’t notice anything unusual.

“It’s almost time for class, where’s Qing Yu gone?” Si Si looked at the door, perplexed.

Just then Gu Qing Yu happened to appear and behind her was actually the head teacher and the…. police?

The expression on the head teacher’s face wwas very good. The moment he entered the whole class went silent and the bell rang. The class teacher also happened to come in and the head teacher said, “Mr. Qi, excuse me for a minute… Lin Xiaoyi, come out for a moment.”

Gu Qing Yu came over with the head teacher and the police looking for Lin Xiaoyi!

This was a lot of information.

Thoughtful expressions appeared on the faces of everyone as they gathered together to whisper.

Lin Xiaoyi’s face suddenly turned incomparably pale.

She had been a law-abiding student since she was a child and because her family didn’t lack anything, she hadn’t done anything bad. The only thing she had done…..

Was steal from Gu Qing Yu….

Lin Xiaoyi stood up but Gu Qing Yu asked, “Aren’t you going to take your bag?”


The crowd instantly looked at the bulging backpack Lin Xiaoyi had placed on her seat in response.

Lin Xiaoyi bit her lower lip “It’s too heavy and I’ll have to come back later anyway…. Si Si, please watch over it for me first.”

Si Si didn’t doubt it and nodded.

Lin Xiaoyi was about to leave when she heard Gu Qing Yu say, “That won’t do. That’s stolen property. How can we investigate if we don’t take it with us?”

“Stolen property?!”

Most of the students were still very innocent so when they heard these two words their faces changed and they looked at Lin Xiaoyi with strange expressions.

Lin Xiaoyi’s heart shrank. She didn’t expect that it was really because of this matter moreover….. how on earth did Gu Qing Yu find out? Didn’t she always not make a big deal out of it and just think that she had accidentally lost something again?

Today, because she had class, she didn’t move the things in her bag to sell them outside right away so they were still in her bag….

She just didn’t know if she would be able to clear her name if she was caught stealing today?

Lin Xiaoyi panicked, but all the eyes she met were filled with shock and disgust, while others whispered, “She looks so gentle, how could she steal?”

“What do you think she stole from Gu Qing Yu?”

“Gu Qing Yu is so rich, she uses the most expensive painting tools in our class, and her clothes and shoes and cosmetics are all big brands, maybe…..”

Even Si Si and Xia Zirou looked at her wrong.

And….. Shao Zihan! Shao Zihan was also looking at her with a bit of disgust….

Lin Xiaoyi’s face paled even further. She felt her head go blank and a feeling of dizziness descend on her. Walking with difficulty to Gu Qing Yu, she grabbed her hand with a deadly grip, almost crying as she begged her.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Girl then why do you steal from other people? You should always know that you hve to take responsibility for things you have done

    1. Even worse/better. Based on how the original Gu Qing Yu personality has been described Lin Xiaoyi could have asked for some of those materials and gotten them.

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