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Chapter 175 Heal me

“Then how, do you expect me to take good care of you?” She narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.

“Other types of care won’t work for me, I’m not a patient.” Hence there was no need for towels or anything, she was the one he needed.

“Help me….”

He looked at her, his eyes flickering and then smiled.

“Heal me.”

His voice was hoarse.

“Heal you?”

Gu Qing Yu was puzzled, “Didn’t you just say you weren’t hurt?”

“Hmm, I’m not hurt… but, I’m sick. I’m sick, and only you can cure me.” He looked at her steadily and then, under her gaze, reached out his hand and without hesitation ripped open his button. He was clearly so sick and uncomfortable, but he managed to do it so gracefully.

Gu Qing Yu watched as he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his tantalizing neck and then slowly moved down to look at his sexy collarbone…

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes flashed, and then, his beautiful hand just stopped.

Freezing, she looked up at him as if asking him with her eyes: Why don’t you keep taking it off?

Unable to help himself for a moment, Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes were tinged with a strong smile as he raised his eyes to look at her, “Gu Qing Yu, bite me… heal me.”

She looked at his exposed veins and subconsciously licked her lips, completely unaware that she looked like a female devil at the moment, more like a vampire.

With the sweetness of his energy calling out to her, Gu Qing Yu couldn’t help but bully her way forward, moving closer and closer to him, and he lay there fixedly, watching her as she looked at him with an expression that said she treated him like food, but not avoiding it, waiting for his little beast.

Food was just around the corner and he knew she had always wanted his blood and although he didn’t know why she was different from the others, drinking his blood seemed to make her happy and revitalize her spirit instantly, so it didn’t matter if he didn’t sleep…

He waited for her to come to him, offering himself voluntarily.

But to his surprise, his little beast that would feed on him stopped in front of him and looked at him steadily, confirming with her eyes:

Is it okay?

He nodded his head, “Of course it’s okay.”

He lowered his eyelashes then raised his hand to stroke through her silky hair gently, “Gu Qing Yu, my blood… is highly poisonous.”

She froze.

It was full of energy, so how could it be highly poisonous?

“Anyone else who comes into contact with it will die. Oh, and I myself… will die as well.”

He calmly leaned over and looked at her with a smile, “I am like a container for it, oh, probably like a gold mine, generated once a month… until the full moon when my body finally can’t take it and becomes unbearably weak… at that time, I would need to drain it out and wait for my body to automatically generate brand new blood, otherwise… I would also die.”

She frowned, “It’s not poison.”

He froze.

“It’s not poison, it’s energy.” She looked at him steadily, “Your blood is full of energy…”


He thought about that for a moment.

Yes, he had thought of countless ways over the years, even having his own special laboratory, using himself as an experiment, and using scientists from the old man’s network to help him with his research, only to find that his blood could poison people, but had little toxin of its own.

Moreover, unless it reached a certain amount he himself wouldn’t be poisoned.

It was just that he would need a change of blood.

And the time it took for him to generate fresh blood was very fast, so fast that it was shocking.

He hated being this abnormal, and felt like a toxic person, causing him to not want to touch anyone else.

After he became like this, he wouldn’t even let his grandfather, who he was close to touch him, only feeling that his body was so dirty and scary that if someone else touched it, something would happen.

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