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Chapter 111 She could never admit it!

“Qing Yu….. Qing Yu, can we talk outside? Please…..”

Gu Qing Yu frowned, not because Lin Xiaoyi was begging her for mercy but because Lin Xiaoyi was probably too excited that she used a lot of strength and as her body was already very sensitive, with Lin Xiaoyi pinching her so hard, Gu Qing Yu felt an overwhelming pain. It was as if her hand was about to be crushed!

“I know, let go first…”

Gu Qing Yu frowned and said, but probably because Lin Xiaoyi was too afraid that the incident would be exposed, she didn’t listen to her words but rather said agitatedly, “No, I won’t let go… Qing Yu, I just got carried away for a moment, please forgive me…”

She grabbed tighter.

Gu Qing Yu’s face turned a little pale as she couldn’t bear the pain. Seeing that something was wrong with her, Shao Zihan rushed forward and grabbed Lin Xiaoyi’s hand, “Lin Xiaoyi, let her go first!”

“Shao Zihan…”

Lin Xiaoyi was already mentally overwhelmed, so now when she saw that the boy she had a crush on had also come forward and was glaring at her, grabbing her hand and pulling on it, not allowing her touch Gu Qing Yu, her heart was overwhelmed with despair and instead of letting go, she grabbed on harder.

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes turned very red with pain that the head teacher and the police officers had to come forward when they saw this situation, “Xiao Lin, we’re just looking for you to understand the situation, not to really do anything to you. Let go of her first and we’ll talk in the office, okay?”

When Shao Zihan, on the other hand saw that Lin Xiaoyi wasn’t listening to him and Gu Qing Yu looked like she was about to cry from the pain, he took a leap of faith and ran over to Si Si, grabbed Lin Xiaoyi’s backpack, pulled it open and dumped out the contents of her backpack…..

The sound startled Lin Xiaoyi as Gu Qing Yu’s pile of expensive painting equipment fell to the ground.

Lin Xiaoyi turned her head with a pale face only to see the boy she liked dumping the stolen goods from her backpack onto the ground and look at her mockingly: “Since you stole something, don’t pretend to be pitiful and hold on to Gu Qing Yu!”

His cold words were like a knife that pierced Lin Xiaoyi’s heart. She looked around her and found that her classmates, who used to be very friendly and cordial, were now looking at her as if they had seen something disgusting, full of disgust and disdain. Si Si and Xia Zirou were also looking at her with shock…..

It was over, she was done for…..

Strength going out of her, she let go of Gu Qing Yu but then bit her lower lip, “No, these things are mine, I didn’t steal them!!!”

She couldn’t admit it. If she did, she would really be finished…

Not only would her reputation be ruined, she would also have a criminal record…. If that happened, how would she ever get a good job in the future?

She could never admit it!

She gritted her teeth and pushed Gu Qing Yu hard, pointing at her, “It’s you! You deliberately framed me!”

With red eyes, she looked at the head teacher and the others and said, “Teacher, officers, don’t listen to her one-sided words! She gave them to me herself. Her family is the richest and she’s very generous. She buys a lot of painting tools and never runs out of them, so she gives them to us from time to time….. Si Si, Zirou, haven’t you also received brushes from Gu Qing Yu?”

Si Si and Xia Zirou whose names were mentioned opened their mouths but didn’t know what to say.

After all, they had indeed received painting tools from Gu Qing Yu, but Gu Qing Yu would only give them brushes when they were short of the right ones in the studio or when they lacked a certain colour of paint.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Honestly so close to dropping every time this shit happens with her body. Dont know what moron tagged this as an op mc on novelupdates but I despise fake op mcs and if I hadn’t invested time into this and considering shes not lost yet I would be gone

    1. So, don’t read it anymore if you don’t like it. Why are you still persistent in reading it anyway?

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