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Chapter 136 Is Gu Qing Yu… really… Sir’s person?

But she also knew that her mother’s family had to rely on ‘Sir’s’ power, so even if she was strong, she was only strong in some minor aspects, and didn’t dare to offend her husband too much.

So at this moment, although she was angry, she knew that what Mu Xuan Yang said might not be a lie. If Gu Qing Yu was really ‘Sir’s’, then she and Mu Ai really had no choice…

But thinking of her precious daughter’s hand, she was unwilling to let Gu Qing Yu go….

Mu Xuan Yang gritted his teeth and said, “No matter what, don’t think about it. Sir is going to protect Gu Qing Yu and in the future she might become a member of the Mu family. She may become Mu Ai’s elder so I advise you to keep your head clear. Don’t ruin the future of our family because of a small matter….. Mu Ai already has a fiancé but the Duan family didn’t pick her because she can paint. You know very well the reason why.”

Second Madam Mu pursed her lips but didn’t say anything. She certainly knew that it was because of Sir…

Mu Xuan Yang took a deep breath, “This incident has already offended Sir. Even if Xiao Ai is our daughter, you must be clear that she was the one who started it. Since she started it, then don’t blame Sir for not taking her side. Besides, you have to think clearly. Even if Mu Ai can’t paint in the future, it won’t affect anything. She has painted for more than ten years and has the ability to appreciate art. Even if she can’t paint anymore, she can still open a gallery so your plans for her won’t be affected in any way. I will find the best doctor for her and who says she can’t paint? She is the daughter of our Mu family. Even if she paints badly, there will still be a large number of people who will adore her!”

Second Madam Mu bit her lower lip, knowing that her husband was right…

“I understand.”

She took a deep breath, then, “I will advise Xiao Ai well…”

“It’s best if you understand. The same goes for you as well, don’t have any more thoughts that you shouldn’t have!”

Mu Xuan Yang warned her again then hung up without any hesitation.

The expression on the face of Second Madam Mu sank but when she looked up, she met Mu Ai’s trembling eyes, causing the expression on her face to undergo another change. “When… When did you come down?!”

Where did she start listening from? How much did she hear?

Second Madam Mu was a little nervous.

Mu Ai’s face was extremely pale, “Mom, is what dad said true? Is Gu Qing Yu… really… Sir’s person?”

Second Madam Mu nodded her head, “Your eldest uncle said it himself so it shouldn’t be false.”

She walked over and took Mu Ai’s hand in hers. “Xiao Ai, Mom knows you feel it’s unfair, but it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. Sir likes that little bi*ch now, but he may not still like her in the future…”

Mu Ai took her hand out and lowered her eyes, “I understand. Mom, I will endure this time…”

Sir cared about Gu Qing Yu now, but wasn’t it because she was young and beautiful? But what if… Gu Qing Yu was no longer beautiful? Or perhaps, was no longer clean? A man like Sir who had a noble and benevolent character would definitely not look at her anymore.

“Baby, you’ve suffered…”

Second Madam Mu didn’t notice that her daughter had other thoughts because she herself was unresigned.

However she had the same thoughts as Mu Ai. As long as Gu Qing Yu was no longer clean, no longer beautiful, then Sir…

Would definitely not like her.

But she had a little more experience than Mu Ai…

Even if Gu Qing Yu was no longer clean and beautiful, if Sir got to know that they did it, they would still be in trouble and wouldn’t end up well. The best thing to do, was to…..

K*ll with someone else’s knife!

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Well I do hope shes got the AI keeping tabs on all their phones and shit. Anything that has her name pop up

    1. Well, China is a fanatical patriachal country, I once read about what they did to their daughters for the sons when the One Child Policy was up, it’s disgusting. I don’t know how they are now, but before, for them, women’s status are beneath the men to the point they’re maybe worthless except to be a bargain chip for marriage. For them, the sons are the most important. Even the women thought that they couldn’t live without men, they have to be obedient to their father before they married, after married they have to be obedient to their husband, and after the husband died they have to be obedient to their sons.

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