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Chapter 275 Buddhist

Li Qingquan won the first prize in the art competition after Zhuang Jing’s plagiarism was exposed in public by Gu Qing Yu. He admired Gu Qing Yu, a talented painter, but he didn’t really study painting, but history. He won a competition show and gained a lot of fans as a result. Later, he and Lin Han Jiao were both invited to the same show because they excelled in their respective fields. They discussed Gu Qing Yu on the show, and because they had something in common, they gradually got together.

Being rejected, Shen Cheng was a bit disappointed.

Whenever he saw Li Qingquan, who was no less qualified than him, picking Lin Han Jiao up, he would have mixed feelings.

The woman he couldn’t stand at first, had learned to shine on her own with the help of Gu Qing Yu and was now gloriously radiant in her field while he was still a rich boy with nothing but his family’s success….

Spurred on, Shen Cheng started to work hard instead of being a loser.

He also met Gu Qing Chen, who had returned to C Country with her foreign boyfriend who was a good-looking guy who looked like a movie star and was very nice to her, but in Shen Cheng’s opinion, he was only nice to her because of her money.

It wasn’t that Gu Qing Chen didn’t know, but that she didn’t care at all. After all she didn’t have any deep feelings for him and if he stopped treating her well, wouldn’t she pay for another one?

Gu Qing Chen didn’t come back this time because of Gu Qing Yu. Her friends in C Country were basically not interested in talking to her anymore, what’s more their connections were so narrow and limited that none of them even knew that Gu Qing Yu was married, let alone who she was married to. Gu Qing Chen came back only because of Gu Wen Qiang.

Gu Wen Qiang had been provoked by Gu Qing Yu’s words and the image of Gu Qing Yu committing su*cide by jumping off a building kept appearing in his mind, causing him to not be able to eat well or sleep well and have nervous breakdowns. He had dismissed the family’s servants and he looked much thinner.

Probably because Gu Qing Yu gave him such obvious hints, Gu Wen Qiang really believed that he had forced Gu Qing Yu to die and had several nightmares, where he dreamt that Gu Qing Yu was covered in blood and asking him why he had done that to her….

After a month of this, Gu Wen Qiang finally couldn’t take it anymore. He went to a temple, started meditating and actually became a lay disciple. The quietness of the temple helped him settle down, he stopped having nightmares and was finally able to eat and sleep.

Afterwards, Gu Wen Qiang truly became a Buddhist. He was no longer obsessed with his company and even developed a conscience, dividing his fortune into three parts. One for Gu Qing Yu, one for Gu Qing Chen, and keeping one for himself.

Returning this time, Gu Qing Chen naturally came to take her share of the property.

Gu Qing Chen actually found it very strange. From what she knew of Gu Wen Qiang, it would be nice if he didn’t sell her off as a marriage tool, how could he give her so much money? But she wasn’t about to reject it. While Gu Wen Qiang was out of sorts, she had to get what was rightfully hers first so that even if Gu Wen Qiang regretted it later, he wouldn’t be able to do anything!

Gu Qing Chen quickly turned her substantial fortune into cash and became a multi-billionaire woman and lest Gu Wen Qiang regret it, she even changed her citizenship, visited her mother only once, left her a sum of money and left with her foreign boyfriend.


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