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Chapter 311 She was saved!

Where was No.00 going to pay any attention to her? He calmly used Mu Ai’s body and went directly outside Gu Qing Yu’s other institute.

Mu Ai shouted in her head for a long time but never got an answer and as slow as she was, she finally sensed that something was wrong.

“System, system! What are you doing? Let me out now!”

Mu Ai yelled somewhat angrily, however No.00 simply turned a deaf ear to her and using her body, with a flip, went straight into the lab. With a lot of energy, it now broke easily into the innermost part of the lab. Midway through a researcher tried to stop him when he saw him, but he simply grabbed him and threw him out with one hand!


The researcher fell hard to the ground, hit his head and started to bleed.

Mu Ai was finally afraid, “You…. what are you doing? System, system, let me out! No killing with my body…. don’t you know that that will destroy me!!!”

She didn’t want to become a murderer.

Where would No.00 be concerned about her worries? He went into the lab without a care in the world and whenever he came across those who tried to intercept him, would just grabbed them and throw them out like rubbish. When Mu Ai saw more and more people dying as well as more and more people getting injured, she screamed in her head, “My god, system are you crazy?! How can you do this with my body? I’m your host!!! Oh my god stop it….”

“So noisy.”

No.00 narrowed his eyes and banned her without hesitation and Mu Ai suddenly found that she couldn’t speak!

She was horrified to find that she was now like a locked up soul, trapped in her mind. Only the system knew she existed and as long as the system didn’t unlock her, she would never be able to come out again. No one would ever know that she was no longer her. They would think that she had become a murderer, a robber and she would be killed by Sir and Gu Qing Yu…

And, she couldn’t talk anymore!

This horrible feeling made Mu Ai feel like she was suffocating. She regretted it beyond measure. She should never have listened to some system and obediently handed her body over to it. Now that she thought about it, Mu Ai suddenly felt that this system might not be a system at all, it might be some kind of ghost or something that had possessed her body and just wanted to snatch it away from her!

Mu Ai was already going crazy. She now wished that time would go back to before she had signed up with the system, but she didn’t know that even if she hadn’t agreed to No.00’s request in the first place, No.00 could still take over her body by force and even in the case that she didn’t agree, No.00 would have just killed her to avoid trouble!

Then she probably wouldn’t have survived at all….

Feeling much more comfortable without Mu Ai’s noise, No.00 went straight into the lab and finally found another energy source by memory. Ecstatic, it was about to absorb the energy inside when his body was grabbed up violently then thrown to the side!

Mu Ai’s eyes widened. It was Gu Qing Yu?


For the first time in her life Mu Ai liked Gu Qing Yu a lot. Although she was still wondering how Gu Qing Yu could be so powerful, that didn’t stop her from being happy that Gu Qing Yu was here. Great, Gu Qing Yu was here; if she could deal with this monster inside her, she would be saved!

But then she became worried… Oh no, Gu Qing Yu and her had never been on good terms. If she thought she was the one who had injured and killed so many people, would she just kill her too?

Mu Ai was torn, but when she thought of being trapped in this body forever, she seemed to prefer being killed by Gu Qing Yu.

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