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Chapter 4 She was too calm and collected, right?

The man’s murderous threat didn’t scare Gu Qing Yu. After the initial racing of her heart for a moment, she regained her composure in almost the next second, not even resisting. At this moment, she even thought: Hmm, this man’s voice was so sexy and hoarse, very nice to listen to, and he was obviously suffering from such serious injuries that she could clearly feel that he had lost too much blood, so much so that his face was completely pale as he trembled, the seductive blood flowing out of his wrist in a steady stream.

Yes, at this rate, it wouldn’t take two hours for him to bleed out and die…

However, with such a serious injury, he didn’t even have the slightest intention of bandaging it at all. Was it because he hadn’t had the opportunity to do so?

Hadn’t had the opportunity to do so, it meant… that someone was after him!

Gu Qing Yu was right. Soon, she smelled a few unfamiliar scents. Moreover, the keen alertness belonging to extraterrestrials made her realize immediately that the people who were coming were very strong. At least stronger than the two of them who were now suffering from severe injuries.

They were obviously coming after this man and once they were discovered, it was obvious that she would be silenced as well.

If she had enough energy now…. no, even if she regained 10% of her original energy, she would be able to kill those who were coming, but she had very little energy now. Let alone those who were getting closer and closer, she couldn’t even kill the severely injured man who was restraining her at the moment…

Hence, she could only do as this man was doing, hide and not be found.

She held her breath, cooperatively not making a sound.

The man lowered his eyes, looking at her one more time. From his angle, he could only see a small part of the calm side of her face, together with the eyelashes of her beautiful eyes that didn’t even tremble…

This woman…

She was too calm and collected, right?

She wasn’t afraid of him before and now, she wasn’t even afraid of this killer who was obviously stained with blood….

It seems someone was getting closer to them!

The man’s breath condensed as he held the gun steadily in his hand, ready to aim at whoever was coming. However at this moment, he discovered that the person who was about to spot them surprisingly, even after sweeping around and focusing on their location, still didn’t find them?!

He was a little surprised, then suddenly felt that something was strange.

It was almost as if….

The blood in the air, the fishy smell of blood on his body…

Had disappeared completely?!

This… this was too strange!

The woman in his arms had closed her eyes, looking like she was being slaughtered. Well, it wasn’t far from the truth. Her leg was injured and when she had just walked over, it was almost as if she was afraid to let her leg touch the ground. It was very likely that it was already broken.

And at this moment, even if she had hidden strength, she couldn’t run fast with such an injury, and couldn’t escape since she had been captured and could only wait to be slaughtered, so naturally she could only give up.

However, he kept on feeling that something was wrong…

His hunch was indeed correct. Gu Qing Yu wasn’t feeling weak in this moment at all.

She had just realized that if she could discover this place by following the smell of the blood, then those who were hunting this man down could as well, so she subconsciously absorbed the faint energy of the blood in the air, not wanting to be discovered, but didn’t expect that this man’s blood was really too tempting, causing her to accidentally absorb all the blood into her body. It was only a small amount, but she felt that the energy of just this small amount, was much more than the energy she had absorbed six hours ago!

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