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Chapter 297 Someone had been in here!

Could it be, that they were overthinking it?

Mu Xuan Qing had the feeling that things weren’t that simple.

The nearly ten ‘successes’ that were still unidentified were also very concerning.

After all, these ‘people’ now had special powers, so who knew what they might do?

The only good thing was that these ‘humans’ were Earthlings themselves, so even if the experiments on them was successful, they couldn’t leave their bodies just like Mu Xuan Qing, unlike Gu Qing Yu and No. 00 who could leave their bodies.

However if the experimental subjects after them could also detach themselves, them they might never be able to catch them in this lifetime.

Mu Xuan Qing nodded, “Keep an eye on them.”

In any case, he couldn’t trust these people for now.

Gu Qing Yu frowned as she entered her lab.

She sensed a fluctuation in energy.

In other words, someone had been in here!

And, this person, most likely, was no ordinary person!

After a quick search by Fei Fei, they found that nothing was missing. Gu Qing Yu snorted coldly. That person probably wanted something related to energy, but unfortunately, all the data of these things were stored in Fei Fei’s head and entity. What was left behind wasn’t important, or just a few things that served as cover-ups.

So they wouldn’t be able to find it even if they wanted to.

She knew why they were anxious. It wasn’t because their master No. 00 had been captured by her and Mu Xuan Qing, but because she had taken their energy.

Over the years, she and Mu Xuan Qing had traveled around the world, ostensibly on their honeymoon, when in reality they had sneaked into the places where No. 00 had secretly stored his energy and stolen all the energy that he had hidden.

No. 00 was someone who was very suspicious by nature. He didn’t trust his experiments, so even if the experiments he had conducted were successful, knew how to absorb the energy and use it, they didn’t know where he had hidden the energy. It was only Gu Qing Yu, who was also an energy body herself, who could find it easily.

These experiments could only access the energy through a special method given to them by No. 00, which probably lasted them several months at a time, which had been fine before, because although Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing had destroyed their headquarters and No. 00 had disappeared, they were still able to find energy from several other storage points, but now, with almost all of it taken out by Gu Qing Yu, naturally, they were desperate.

So, they had started frequenting C Country for a while now, even though they had originally not wanted to concern themselves with No. 00.

This was also Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing’s purpose, to force them to appear.

These people were definitely not ordinary people. Ordinary people wouldn’t have access to people like No. 00, after all he was a very powerful person. He’d had contact with a lot of people at the top when he had been living in the headquarters of M Country, as he needed the power of these people in order to live more freely, and those people needed him, to become stronger.

No. 01 had been forced, what’s more he was someone from C Country, making them guess that that was why he was so obedient, but they could also never trust him.

The latter No. 02 was someone from M Country, bodyguard to a wealthy businessman who, after successfully passing the experiment, found almost no rival and became more than capable of protecting his master; however after finding himself so fearsome, he moved to usurp power and killed his master to take the throne.

No. 02 needed energy to maintain such a powerful ability, so he was better able to control than his master, which was why that person had helped him.

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